What God wants?

I guess this is for those of you who believe in a God.

What do you think God wants out of humanity? Why do you think we exist?

Could it be that God wants companions, peers, other creators?

The gods want other, higher things.
It is very difficult to get their attention.

Sub-god spirits want to use humans as a fuel source, without consent.

All those spirit beings from an unseen realm should go away and mind their own business.

A “god wanting” is not exactly a correct understanding. It really means, “in order to accomplish what you want, Xgod demands X in return.” Science says the same thing, “if you want to accomplish X, you must do Y.”

I think you misunderstand me James…

I don’t think so, unless you are reading a very unusual Bible? God says you want to accomplish x, you believe all I told you absolutely or you may well not get my grace. Science says if you believe anything I told you you are shit at science and don’t deserve the job, get out you fool. In science doubt is everything: no one makes a career or a Nobel prize on confirming other peoples results. There’s a significant difference. End of the day if you want to win at the game of science you need to do something new, by definition no christian religion needs anything new, it just is absolutely true.

No. I suspect that you are injecting assumptions into it.

And now you anthropomorphically personify Science (same thing they did with God).
But look at the difference that you pointed out.
“If you don’t believe what ‘we scientists’ say, you are fired.”

That is what a Church says concerning a job within the church. But the church is not God any more than the scientists are Science.

Not really: though shalt not test the lord our God, I don’t think science would get on well with that.

I’m not sure what you are trying to say, all I am saying is your comparison to God with science is terrible. A scientist is no more science than God is a church? this makes no sense?

I think what you mean is that no one religious person is God, but no one Scientist is anything like a God of science, and that is just the difference. Now don’t get me wrong science has it’s followers but to claim that such a diverse field is subservient to hence a God, is, absurd. God is an entity, science is a gestalt.

“If you don’t believe what us scientists say you are hired”

Hence PhD’s.

…and You are merely prejudicing your view.



I don’t think that God wanted us. It wasn’t that we filled a need. I consider nature to be the example of God. It is just luxury that brought us about. Creation for the sake of creation. If there was no necessity to bring us into existence there was also no limiting factor to prevent our development.