what happens when we die?

i am a firm believer that ‘nothing’ cannot exists, mabye it would be easier to say it like this --------------------------------------------------- was there something there?? (i cant make blank space in a post so assume the lines are blank space) Answer of the naysayer: yeah there was nothing there

k the text in that blank space was NON-EXISTENT, there was no existance which MEANS IT DOESNT EXIST!!!

there is no way to describe to anyone how nothing does not exist cause youll get into word technicalities like well saying that nothing does not exist means that there is nothing there which means nothing exist. WHATEVER!!! these arguements are useless. so dont respond with somma that BS.

i KNOW that nothing does not exist, and i think alotta people will agree on that (although they’ll still be those people that say it does exists)

so, going on the theory (the fact in my opinion) that nothing does not exist, the when we die will there be nothing??? i dont see how there can be nothing because nothing does not exist. once we are conscious beings as we are now can we ever go into nothingness?? or will there always be something. so does that mean that everything that has life has a soul and the soul is everlasting so there will always be something.

i dunno if you guys understand that but give me some responses.

Without going into a looooong dissertation, consider: All that is always was and always will be. You came into being, and you will die (return) to all that is. The interval in between is consciousness. It isn’t a matter of being and nothingness, it is merely being present or absent…


if you stack up a house of cards, the house exists. and the house has certain properties that only the house has, and a pile of cards does not have.

one day, the house falls and instead of it being a house, it is now a pile of cards. the pile does not have the same properties as the house. all of the particles have continued to exist, but they do not have some of the properties that they used to have. you could say that the existence of the properties in those cards now no longer exists, even though they have not been replaced with philosophically ambiguous “nothing”.

metaphorically speaking, the individual cards are your individual ideas, the house of cards is the universe itself, and when the house turns into a pile, thats what happens when the universe’s quantum particles coalesce to form your brain.

(just kidding, the metaphor is much simpler)

Look up Heraclitus; read him slowly, real slowly.

what happens when you die though? you are saying when you die you are absent from consciousness. what is it like to be absent from conciousness? answer: nothing. once again i don’t ever see that being possible.

yeah i see what your saying, and i also understand that nothing is philisophically ambigious. however i still dont get it, what happens I die!?! After i see the white light as the nerve endings in my brain explode, what happens then?

well i guess youre not gonna be able to tell me that…damn

mabye consciousness goes hand in hand with a soul. with a mind and consciousness there is a fundamental part of it called the soul, which is an eternal essence.

so can you give me a theory FT or is your understanding that you cant have an understanding or theory of what happens after death because nobody knows.

dont know, dont care?

cant know, definetely care, attempted forced faith

as long as science cant see the magical link between our brains and the magical meta-world to which our “souls” are connected, we certainly cant verify that the soul continues to exist.

if i took my religious theory i fabricated, which is that the purpose of the universe is to create some metaphysical byproduct unrelated to human culture and existence, then it seems like we would just die forever like an atheist when our purely mechanical brain turns off. but then again, in order for our existence and brain actions (like selflessness) to cause some metaphysical byproduct to be produced, we would have to be connected to the meta world in some way. that isnt really directly related to where we go when we die, however. it just leaves open the possibility that we can travel through that path to a more eternal, timeless place without death.

do you see how completely speculative it is? we cant even see souls, let alone where they go. however, someone did some experiement that weighed people as they died. i remember getting the impression that the results leaned towards eternal death, but also that the people lost weight when they died? im not sure. that would probably be the only evidence to support a belief on.

yeah i remember that experiment, it was BS probably. i dont think the soul would have a measurable weight if it existed.

and yeah this idea of the soul is a complete work of fiction that could be possible, but its completely speculative.

i also feel that their is a purpose to the universe. it must be related to life in some way, but life right now is just like a disease on the planet, and it (intellectual life) doesnt have an understanding of the universe.

your theory that there is a byproduct of life is very similar to what i believe, that with life (which is very mysterious indeed in itself) there comes something even more mysterious then life with is the soul. that is where there is purpose to the universe.

completely speculative though.

Mr Kebop,

When you die we will all rejoyce,
and all who knows and loves you should celebrate a wonderful life.

When we die we die. Nothing of the individual being will remain other then it’s remains.
Your soul can’t die as long as just one remembers.

Don’t warry about it too much, you,ll see, for sure.


When the quantum of light (electron) break away from
material particle (ptoton) the death of atom comes.
The death is the termination of the active work of a spiritual particle
and her transition in other condition, in other reference system.
The meaning of this law preservation and transformation
of energy was reflected in religions long time ago
and received the name of the law of “incarnation”, the “reincarnation of soul”.
In ancient times, many tribes believed in the reincarnation of soul.
Ancient samurais said:
“I am ready to die in order to be born again”.
Ancient people said:
“Life does not begin with the birth and does not end with death”.
Some people who survived from clinical death,
claim that they saw their material body and everything
happening around as if from the side, that is at that moment
they were not a material body.
Who were they?
It seems strange and amazing for modern thought,
but physical law of preservation and transformation of energy
and the religious law of incarnation is the same law.

But it must be possible, for it has already happened.  Do you also believe that the world and everything in it didn't exist before you were born? Before you were concieved, did you think, act, have a consciousness? If not, then certainly that's a possible state, which means it's a state to which you could return. 
Why must there be such a thing as 'what it's like' to be absent from consciousness? I believe there's no such thing as 'what it's like to be a stone', and yet there are many stones.

The question “what is it like to be absent from conciousness?” ought to be asked in the fuller form of “what would it be like to be absent from conciousness for a concious entity?”

When we expand this we see that the question isn’t really a problem when we die. The process of dying changes our bodies from things which are capable of conciousness into things which are not. We are no longer physically capable of being concious so we aren’t missing conciousness; we are simply no longer the sort of entity that is capable of being concious. In other words, the “you” that was capable of being concious has changed into a form which is no longer capable of being concious. That “you” no longer exists after death.

Whether there is an eternal soul or not, I don’t know.


when we die ,
we are born.

You get subbed out.

You loose your place in the starting lineup, for whatever ambiguous reason. Take a seat partener, give up your perspective and blend back into the collective everything watching the show taking place.

Hey look your team just scored!