What Have You Learned At ILP?

The question “what have you taught” can not be asked. Nobody knows if anyone else has learned something from them, so I ask “what have you learned?”

And don’t be a smart-ass and say “I learned that Satanists wear goat-heads,” or any such nonsense.

This thread is for spreading the morale. It is for providing evidence that you are doing something here other than chatting about Bessy’s life as a Jazz vocalist or Imp’s outstanding witticisms.

If it ain’t philosophical or scientific, don’t mention it.

I walked in here, a year and a half ago or whatever it was, believing in freewill. It was a very sound and convincing argument I read here that changed my mind.
I wish I could remember who’s argument it was…


I love this post. I am notorious for putting myself on the line and getting slammed with my fingers in the metal vice, but I am willing here - on this thread - to do it again.


well… seeing how i seem to have learned nothing at all, i suppose im a failure.

But, that isn’t true Z. You would have puked at my post only just yesterday. We have evolved, you and I.

Maybe by post #1000 we will be buddies. :wink:

I learnt that you are all a bunch of rant masters, but with some exceptions.

didn’t figure you were a max hardcore fan

all of this is on-going and far from complete… however… explored deeper into roots of guilt (initial spark from Freddy, blaze from zenofeller), took some crash-courses in love and self-‘control’ (sparked by… my friend), and continued investigating what makes us tick (determinism, I guess… sparked … indeterminately, hehe, by monooq)… and a few newer things I am finding interest in, are a) a sort of optimism or positive lens type thing (Dunamis, and a tad De’trop-on-good-days)… and a ‘digging deeper’ self-exploration-thing (xanderman) (an interest sort of carried over from Mark at Thin_Edge, though)…

One creepy thing I learned is that I will never experience death (Rami)… which is … fine with me.

I’m always interested in gender relations and exploring them deeper… I guess that’s ‘baggage’ I “don’t leave home without”.

Gamer got me thinking about god… and creation, which is still kinda on the back-burner, blending the flavors.

If I left anything out it’s 'cause my memory sucks.

I have learned to take stands on philosophical issues and defend them – which is what I should have learned in college. (Anyone here want to write me a recomendation to further education?) But there’s more diversity here, so i’ve been defending more general issues. And the posting method gives me time to think out a response.


well detrop, my friend,

i have learned that i have left my mark on some, and some have left their mark on me,

i have learned that the world is not as cold a place as i had thought it to be,

i have grown to love some germans here,

for i discovered that there are no germans here,

and i have learned indeed, sometimes the jew’s best revenege

is to turn the other cheek,

thank you bob whose eyes are beyond my reach,

an anti-semite whom i met

confirmed your words that i preach,

i’ve learned that ILP can be carried into the world,

i’ve learned that ILP can be written for in the world,

and no not with a labtop.

i found a few muslims here just as confused as this old jew,

in fact, i think, i found the world within ILP,

or perhaps, the world has found me,

i’ve met a few musicians, i’ve met a few poets, a few writers, a few friends, and one lesbian trapped behind a smooth man,

i met a girl whose mind played Trix on me, i met a friend whose mind plays Trix on me,

i met a satanist, yet was unable to see satan,

i met quite a few godists, yet was still unable to see god,

i met a few existentialists and found existence,

i met a bunch of others who made this place hard to part,

and the most interesting kid of all, i found to be tum,

i still wonder how he’ll unfold.

In TUGM’s theme…:

I woke up again one day with the screen in my eyes,
When the address read quite to mind’s surprise.

The more I scanned, more I widened a grin,
My brain giggled and it ran through my skin.

From the Adlerian who can’t seem to sleep,
To the fly on the wall, which we don’t hear a peep.

From the tentative friends who reach out and teach,
To those out the house who seem out of reach.

I try to keep it happy, but to learn I have to cry,
I don’t have to top the mountain, in order to gaze the sky.

From Bessy’s heartfelt gaze, Dunamis seems unphased.
From all that Future man says, to Gamer’s mind a maze.

It’s the search for ert, but embracetrees first,
Associate Katherena’s skirt, and from Boston it’s the Th(r)ist

Sage spreads the sound, a wisdom spatchula,
Comic relief from the east it’s the Tabula Rastapha.

Liquid angel is the essence, Xanderman cleans up the presence,
Satanicals mind no the peasants, to PoR we look for the godlike relevance.

Manifest, a jaded bird, Demons in the sky, that sounds absurd.
Kolibri hovers, just in the seed, Fthenaysayers… Detrop’s Ed3

I’m starting to grasp… but wait there’s noelyG
Who’s in Canada? Psyque, Satyr monooq Samkhya and me.

From the theory of the impenitant gate control
Uccisore, Uniquor, arendt’s capitols were stole

Phaedrus, Nick_A, Rami and Matt
Alien corpuscle bath… where are you at?

HVD or km2_33, it’s shyster’s pic, me and you.
A crazy person named Igor I think… has the flu?

It’s a ravencall so raise all your phorks,
It’s a peacefullthyme so calm down you dorks.

Timinionman’s name is hard, px ends in ‘c’
Old is the Gobbo… new I present to thee :smiley:

I re-learned how to write good English.

I learned I wasn’t quite as stupid as I thought I was.

I learned that poetry isn’t always a bad thing… :smiley:

I’ve learned a lot about ethics and universalizing the rule - Thanks GCT.

I’ve learned that a well written paragraph is not the same as a well understood paragraph… Thanks Dunamis:wink:

I’ve learned that though the more hopless facets of philosophy gleam, like wolves’ eyes in the night, the faded illusions of life, with a little spit and polish, can still outshine them.

I’ve learned that there are better ways to spend an evening than going down the pub, getting sloshed and waking up on the ferry somewhere around 5am. (And for that, my liver, my marriage, and my wallet thanks you.)

And I’m still stuggling to learn that taking the piss out of people isn’t necessarily the best way to further your arguements. Even if sometimes they practically beg for it… :unamused:

I’ve learned a sense of humour builds more bridges than logic.

Thanks ILP.

[size=75][And Détrop too - this thread was a damn good idea - though it sounds like we’re all sinners confessing on the eve of rapture, before some philosophic God tucks us in for the final time…][/size]

I have learnt that there isn’t a rhyme for someoneisatthedoor

I’ve learnt that you can rearrange an amount of nonsense to have logically valid form.

I’ve learnt that women aren’t as sensitive as men tendentially perceive them to be

I’ve learnt that even the smartest people are stupid in comparison to God

I’ve learnt that a lot of people find the term ‘nigger’ offensive, regardless of how it is used.

[i][b]Thomeone thummonth Igor…

Igor hath learnt not to raithe hith voice when hith mathter ith thpeaking…[/b][/i]


I enjoyed that a lot… :smiley:


Thank you for mentioning Dunamis. I agree with your thoughts about him. Tentative has the same effect on me and I have learned a lot from reading what both of these men have to say. And you, Tabula… just don’t get me on a roll talking about you. Belly laugh a minute with everything you say.

I have learned to keep my mouth shut and not be so impulsive.

(I also lie like a rug)

I’ve learned that todays american does have the capacity for philosophy, despite my best intentions.

And I was taught what ‘get a room’ means. It’s slang, and the person who taught me it (Zenowotsit) should apply it to himself and that Bessy character.

But I really don’t think I have learned much philosophy but I suppose that isn’t what I am here for. Not saying I know it all (I do) but maybe I just don’t listen that well to the internet.

ooo i was mentioned, i was mentioned !!


obw, me and bessy getting a room would be hilarious. i can picture it, debating who gets to be on top till the morning catches us still dressed.

Stay on topic people…please!

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When I first read your request, Hesse’s Siddhartha came to mind.

I’ve learned that ILP, in all its sprawling messiness, make’s each of us the ferryman if we allow it…