What I Have Been Doing With My Time Banned From ILP

This is my third consecutive time being banned from ILP.

Recently I have found the German equivalent of ILP where I am making plenty of friends there. I have been able to study and improve my German speaking there quite a bit.

I have also been reading a lot of Noam Chomsky and Leo Tolstoy. Great stuff!

I have been actively looking for work locally but am constantly reminded how bankrupted the United States is considering half the population is also unemployed.

I have still found no work and my living situation is becoming more precarious by the day.

Man, drop that Tolstoi and pick up Kropotkin.

I thought you got a job from Pav.

That is still up in the air.

Why? You made a thread in which the first words were, “If I cannot get work by the end of July 2012,” but we already know you CAN get work. You’ve got it. It’s waiting for you. No? Just take it. You don’t have to walk 3,000 miles bro, just take a train and go see Pav ffs.

That thread was more about if all else fails Flannel. I like having contingencies in place.

I am still trying to get that job with Pav but like I said it is up in the air still.

I am also looking for work in my local area and I still cannot find anything.

I rather take a proactive stance towards my own survival especially given my government and their coming reeducation camps.

Are you surprised FJ? :astonished:

Quit pretending that you know anything.

I will if you will. :smiley:

Hello, welcome back.
I have been reading a lot of Leo Tolstoy recently as well. I bought The Gospel in Brief last night. I am going to read The Kingdom is Within You online, it is offered for free!
I can really relate to you as far as being kicked out of public forums goes. I recently joined alcoholics anonymous and I have been kicked out of four home groups by old men who are 70+. I am merely 23 years old and I know love and compassion is the rule, but they don’t. They are angry and violent and too sick to realize that love is the only cure… it’s too simple for most people to understand, which is odd to me… hard for me to grasp.
I’ve been listening to a lot of devotional music lately via bandcamp. TENDERNESS and T H O M A S have been on my ears for weeks.
I am currently on welfare in Canada, I am doing my masters in the Fall, so some money will be mine then, I’ll have to use it to pay off student debt though… ](*,)

Joker, I think I remember your girlfriend saying you live in Kenosha. If you don’t that’s okay, because I really wanted to get an idea of unemployment rates in various cities around the country and I’d never heard of Kenosha. Anyway, I found this–and listen up, folks.

As of Feb. 2012, the unemployment rate in Kenosha = 9.9% (and as we know, the figures are based on people currently receiving unemployment benefits and actively looking for work.) Of those who do work, 25% earn less the $25,000/year. Most of the available jobs are in specialized rehabilitative services, such as physical or occupational therapy. Non-specialized jobs are in flat-bed trucking and construction crews.

Kenosha is considered a “bed-room community” for Chicago and Milwaukee, which may be why jobs are scarce–unless you want to work in retail sales or as an insurance salesman (Ack!)

So it seems, employment opportunities are pretty bleak in Kenosha and many, many other cities in the US.

We don’t know how much education you have, Joker–nor do we know what you studied. No matter, it looks as if you should go outside Kenosha and into Milwaukee and Chicago with your job search–both cities are within commuting distance. Of course, I’m sure you’ve been doing that.

I’m also glad to hear that your girlfriend is getting prenatal care, including sonograms to keep tabs on you daughter’s fetal progress.

Did you ever get your tooth fixed?

Good one! Thank you

No Liz he has not gone to have his tooth fixed yet!! Which I’m hoping he’ll get it checked soon!!

Thanks, Harley–my mothering instincts often get the better of me.

Now–take a baseball bat, lay it against his cheek, then whap it with a hammer and try to loosen that tooth. You don’t even need a baseball bat–anything that distributes the force so as not to leave bruises would work. Get the tooth loose enough to use an adjustable wrench to extract it. Then have him hold warm salt water in the socket to draw out the infection.

This sounds as if I’m recommending extreme measures, but I’m really not. I’m trying to think of how people dealt with abscessed teeth in the 19th century and earlier–before there were dental surgeons. Don’t you have to think that way if you have no dental insurance but have a real dental problem?

I’ve been without dental insurance for years as well. Bein poor and all… You can probably smell the cavities on my breath.

But I just became legal here in France, so I’m gonna visit a dentist soon. Yupyup

Piss off.

I am currently reading Leo Tolstoy’s The Slavery Of Our Times.

I don’t live in Kenosha. I only used that location as distractive cover. Only Pav knows where I really live of which I am intentionally keeping secret.

I live in a major metropolitan city where there is 27% unemployment in Wisconsin.

I have a highschool diploma where I have been to technical schools off and on.

At any rate if I go to the east coast my fiance is going up to Minnesota to live with some friends as I would not have any means to provide for her or my child. We have both seen to many poor families where children are taken away by the state.

Also, government statistics are bloated bullshit manipulation. The actual percentage is much higher nationwide.

Have not yet seen a dentist because I am too busy looking for work. Priorities first.

Joker, it really makes no difference where you live–your situation is the same as many others–no matter where y’all live. That was all I was trying to show.

And to attempt to get this out of a personal dialogue, what do ILP members think is a future for the millions of US citizens with high school diplomas and some on and off tech school education in our world of increased dependence on technology? How can these millions ‘fit into’ a technological work force–how can they support themselves and their families? Are they becoming a ‘third world’ within a ‘first world’ country?

My 3x great grandfather owned a team of horses and they hauled whatever loads needed to be hauled. Another relatively close ancestor applied gilt to whatever anyone wanted gilt applied to–It was an exacting trade.

What’s now wrong with trade skills in the US?

Leo Tolstoy’s The Gospels in Brief is a reading of the four gosples combined into one. It’s one of the most effective cures for Nietzscheanism I know of, as it’s a Atheistic Bible, that Tolstoy specially designed to overcome the Death of God Nihilism of his era. He knew Lou Salome personally, and have found evidence of her visiting him in Russia and writing to him.

I also know that this is THE VERY TRANSLATION/READING that Wittgenstein had and it’s what caused him to convert to Catholicism in World War 1 in the trenches. I have offered it to certain atheists, be they catholic or orthodox, who decided one day they couldn’t be religious but couldn’t bear the thought of spiting with the culture and traditions of the church. I was pondering offering to to Cezar, but it turned out he’s a shithead, so decided not to waste a good book.

Leo Tolstoy’s The Gosple in Brief is the secret heavyweigh of philosophy in the twentieth century given it’s link to shaping Wittgenstein’s outlook. The other major atheistic christian tradition is George Santayana. There are others, but not worth the time to go into because the philosophers are largely unknown.