What I Have Been Doing With My Time Banned From ILP

I’m reading that right now, it’s incredible. Deep inside my marrow, the perfect romance is starting to show! I love Jesus!

Funny how you never see romantic comedies revolving around deep bone-marrow love-affairs. Untapped genre maybe, with implications for a medical-drama crossover.

And another mystery solved vizaviz Jesus’ apparent absence - he’s been lurking in your bones all this time. Wow.

Not sure what you’re getting at, as your writing style is convoluted and loaded down with the desire to be something greater than meets the eye, but yeah, The Kingdom of God has always been within me… I had to realize this though! :slight_smile:

I just like reading Tolstoy for his social writings and how he viewed the destructive nature of government. I am immune to religion. Nothing will ever change that.

Never say never, or always.

Once Mitt Obama is reelected in November everyone will find a job.


I heard Obomber is still going to remain in power.

Either way half the population is going to end up in FEMA camps.