What I saw.

Yesterday, I observed for an interval of time. A man was looking at porn in a busy public library while masterb…

by any chance, do you live in new york?

While Master B. did what…?

Was his unit exposed?

Could you pick it out in a line-up?

If you go to the authorities, be careful how you describe the unit. Don’t do it like they do in the romance novels:

“the pulsing shaft of his manhood stood confidently in his grasp, as he starred restlessly into the computer screen, etc., etc.”

Just stick with the atomistic attributes that can be described empirically rather than the metaphorical ones, and I think you’ll do fine.

Again I love the sentence. Good job.

I felt sick when I saw what he was doing, there was a girl about 12 next to me, so I went up to the librarian, that old witch was more interested in another person’s story about newsagency than my complaint!

I think our public morality as a result of this incident has reached a new low!

This is why you should always carry a chainsaw. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to get people’s attention…

or a cattle prod. that’ll get someone’s attention as well, when applied to the correct few square inches of exposed skin

Or an electric cheese grater…

In the Philadelphia library we are having a huge problem with sex perverts masturbating with real people as their subject. Meanwhile, the staff will not report it!

I blame the inability of many people to make moral judgements for the situation. If you see someone doing that they need to be reported to the staff and then if they do nothing the police need to be called. If you feel confident you should directly confront the person yourself. I have done that on a variety of occasions.

what exactly is the problem except that children might observe it?


Great compliment to my post. Thanks.

Or sneak up behind them and wait for the inevitable moment when they lean back onto only 2 legs of the chair at which point you leap forward and firmly but carefully kick one of the remaining legs, casting the wanker to the floor. You are then in a position to do more or less what you like - the more Hollywood among you may wish to tip over a shelf of books onto the wanker, though be warned that this isn’t as easy as it is made to look…

random books with pages stuck together…


i wanted you to formulate it and not roll your eyes and wink to an imaginary buddy (: