What if God was one of us?

Would he have been an Alanis Morissette fan?

More a Joan Osborne fan.

But actually, God is (at least) one of us.

How should we know?

Assuming such a God created us, as is traditionally believed in many world religions, he’d be a fan of all of us, jagged little pills notwithstanding.

He would have been a fan of Shakira’s Ass Dancing! :banana-dance:

How ironic!

I actually thought it was Joan Osborne who sang that song.
Loved the nose ring she had! Whatever happened to her? One hit wonder maybe!

Speaking of which - how are those things in Alanis Morissette song ironic?


but god has never been a fan of us , just a fan of himself =D>


they aren’t, perhaps that’s the greater irony of the song

i think she and Lance Armstrong had a thing at one point, didn’t they?

Armstrong had a thing with Sheryl Crow.

oh yeah, i always get those two mixed up

Oh, cause all white people look alike, don’t they? In this day and age…

After listening to her song many years ago I always had this wish to visit Santa Monica Boulevard.
When I finally did I have to say that the disappointment was pretty huge.
I lost all respect for Sheryl Crow after that

I might imagine that Lance felt a similar way. I think that is ironic too.

Who is Lance dating at the moment?
I heard he was dating Anne Heche, but I thought that she was married to Oprah Winfrey.
Didn’t California allow same sex marriages at some point?

I have to go now but – I’ll be back!

Here’s a tip - visit Santa Monica Beach during the weekdays, if you can. Especially before noon. Never go during the weekends.

That would be just a little difficult and expensive considering where I live.
It was a once if a life time oportunity that ended in dissappointment.
That dissappointment is etched into the darkest recesses of my mind now.

I am now in a relationship and have too many commitments to go gallivanting around the world.
There is something good about being single.

I had a friend in England who visited Hooters in the US of A - he casually gave a waitress his phone number.
They are now married with kids and both live in England.
I have not seen or heard from him for about 5 years.

Life is funny!

Life is absolutely hilarious.

Funny, because we are all just a part of God. So God being a fan of himself simultaniously means he’s a fan of everything in existence, including you and me. When you are the only thing in existence what else is there to be a fan of? We are all conceited! =)

Not sure about “we” but I know without a shadow of doubt that I am conceited.