What if Jesus does return?

What I wounder is, let us say Jesus does return. It seems to me that there would be so much skepticism that no one or very few would beleive he was jesus and most likely he would get assassinated. So maybe when he does he simply won’t tell anyone he is jesus. What do you think?

I think if such a figure existed and came back, that if they wanted people to know who they were…people would.

Well is terms of Jesus and christians that seems like it would be effecting free-will. Plus what if ideas like that , or the idea that jesus can perform miracles were ideas begat by satan? in that case the very idea that we would identify Jesus by being a miracle worker or by being able to make everyone see, could very well be the work of the devil preventing us from being able to recognize the real jesus when he comes.

One of the more disturbing signatures I read on an Atheist site was;
And if Jesus comes back, we’ll just kill him again!

More likely if he showed his face in the Humanist world, he would either be convicted of some embarrassing crime that he didn’t really commit or be given some disease to make him stupid… most likely both.

But as far as miracles, I can tell you right now that such miracles will indeed occur, whether Satan(ists) set it up as a trap or not. And that isn’t due to any Bible passage or rumors. But take it or leave it. I’m not going to get into exactly how I know.

Well I do think that one has to be careful, because if you assume a miracle will happen then you may be setting yourself up for what you don’t want.

I would say it should be clear that God clearly didn’t want and probably doesn’t expect us to be certain about anything.

I’m not sure how you meant that.

I wouldn’t say “not certain about ANYthing”, but rather most things and certainly not that we alone can conquer the universe without God. But be careful not to assume that you know the true nature of God. Christian or not, the likelihood is nil.

If such a figure came back in the terms commonly believed, I don’t think free will would be the point.
As to the rest, anything can be asserted that way so that matters little it would seem.
The great boogieman concept can be applied to any standing.

I tend to think I know nothing, I’d say I even don’t know that I don’t know. Hence my signiture. I like to think I’m at least a bit socratic.

Lol, I like the way you put it, but you would think that if such a thing can be applied to any standing, then every standing is questionable, hence nothing can be “known” in the sense of being 100% believeable.

I can apply that logic to the phyics of building a skyscraper, yes. But that won’t accomplish anything useful.

I would say saying something is known versus something is 99.999999% believeable is barely different enough to say that there would be much difference in accomplishment. Although I would say that it is typically because one power assumes they know what is right that causes that power to do horrible things in detroying other powers…


If I say that the thing I see in front of me is what I call a “ball” due it appearance, is it 100% certain that it is a “ball”?

If it appears as a ball in shape and that is all I use to define the concept of being a ball, how could it not be a ball? It met the only stipulation. There is no other possibility == 100% certainty.

That is innaccurate, just because it is what you see, and despite seeing being valuable in the past, there is no escaping the possibility that what you see could be a halucination, or an extremly good holographic image produced by some unsensible mechanizm. Its like the assertion that the speed of light can’t be surppassed. you really can’t say just because you havn’t surpassed it that it is impossible too. Plus just because you don’t observe things going faster than light doesn’t mean things faster than light don’t exist, it just suggests that you probably can’t percieve things going faster than the speed of ligth because, for example, they become unsensible by our known means of senseing when they achieve such speeds.

That would be based on the “assumption” that your definition of a ball is accurate to begin with.

If Jesus returns, I’m screwed.

What makes you say that?

I think I’d be shocked and angry and have a heart attack and go straight to hell.

While I disagree, I won’t tell you why.

That’s coy of you. Come on. Tell me.

I have to admit that I am at least afraid that certain things when said in attempt to help someone only end up pushing them away further. Like trying to reach light speed, as we apply more force, the object gets heavier and heavier which in turn makes it harder to push.

Actually it only gets harder to push because it gets harder to reach it. It is going almost as fast as the pusher already. The mass change is irrelevant because it is not moving with respect to the pusher.