What is a martyr exactly?

It turns out that the shooter in Utah was a muslim. Whether or not this terrible atrocity was religiously motivated has yet to be determined. The simple fact remains, a muslim killed infidels, and was killed in the process. Is he a martyr? Does he get the virgins?

deseretnews.com/dn/view/0,12 … 89,00.html

martyr is just an icon that you can use to exploit a cause. It feeds the cause because you can relate to the martyr in a really real sense, because he is human like us.

It also sends a strong example type message, to endure no matter WHAT. . . even to death for your cause.

Secular or Religious martyrs are powerful. Many heroes are Martyrs, and by association we identify with the martyr, without actually having to die ourselves. It is easier to have the identity with teh martyr than to be the martyr. People claim teh power of teh martyr by association, and it perpetuates an ideology.

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You know, I guess what I’m really wondering is how moderate muslims would feel about this situation. From my understanding, fundamentalist muslims are the ones that would promote the literal interpretation of the Quran. A fundamentalist would no doubtedly describe the Utah shooter as a martyr. Would a moderate muslim think the same thing? A fundementalist christian would definately think that this guy is going straight to hell. I would speculate that a moderate christian would think the same thing. Now, does a moderate muslim think the same thing in this case as a fundementalist muslim? Is this guy going to heaven?