What is a real man

After reading the crap from Mia’s “why am I single thread” I have decided to
enlighten the youngsters here as to what a real man is.

A real man doesn’t want to dominate a women.
A relationship where one partner dominates another partner is a boring and
does nothing for either partner. It is a sterile relationship and goes nowhere real fast.

A real man doesn’t want an docile and obedient wife. Oh, god no. What that says is the man
is insecure and needs to build himself up. He has no courage and scared of his own shadow.
Why would you want a docile and obedient wife? A man who is secure with who he is, is a man
who wants a wife/partner who is a equal partner. I want my wife to be my partner, I am a secure
enough man to handle it. I can hold my own whereas a man who wants an obedient wife/partner
is afraid he cannot handle it, he is afraid that he couldn’t hold his own and the wife will dominate
him. the man who doesn’t want an equal relationship is a gutless coward.

A real man isn’t about the sex. It is about the relationship between two people that allows the sex.
You have to be able to have a conversation with your partner, an equal, open conversation between
two people. You can have sex with someone 24 hours a day, but eventually you have to talk to them
and that is the basis of a relationship, not the sex, but conversation.

A fact only an older person understand is sex is overrated. It is raging hormones that drive you
to insane acts, only to fulfill a biological function that can be fulfilled by masturbation.
as you get older, you begin to realize how much of your life was devoted to sex and what a waste
of time it was. I have no fear of being out of control either by drugs or booze, but the
the greatest out of control I was when I was driven by hormones to have sex. If you want to
be in control, that would be the place I would work on.

A real man has no need for hookers. If you use hookers, you clearly don’t have what it takes
to have a real relationship with real women. You have hookers because you are not in control of
your own body. by admitting you have hookers, you are saying you are not man enough to have
a relationship with a real live women. If they won’t give you enough sex to satisfy you, then
masturbate. Masturbation is your best friend. although one day, you will find the need for it
decreases and the light bulb will shine over your head and you will see what sex really is.

A real man never hits or abuses a women. a man who does that is a gutless coward who
is reacting to the fact he is a worthless piece of shit and he knows it and so he try’s to
build himself up by hitting women or abusing women. The man who hits women is
a man who feels worthless about himself. A secure man doesn’t need to hit women to feel
better about himself.

IN the end a real man is a secure and responsible man. Someone who takes responsibility for himself and
his actions. You don’t blame god or your fellow man or women when things don’t go your way. If you can’t
get a date or get sex, be a man and put the blame exactly where it belongs, with you. A real man does
the right thing even if it is not beneficial or useful for him. He does the right thing because it is the right thing
even if no one ever finds out or see’s it. A real man thinks of others before himself. A real man knows
when it is time to step in and when to back off. A real man is aware and observant about what is going on,
he is not a narcissist and thinks only about himself. A man who is me first is not a real man.
a real man recognize the world is not about him and doesn’t make the world about him. He is simply
part of the whole and the whole comes first. Think of a soldier who is part of an army.
He puts the whole above the individual, the whole ahead of the one. He sacrifices when necessary
and he knows this. You put family ahead of yourself, you put the safety of your family above

These are the things I have learned in over 50 years of being a man.


A real man isn’t a mangina like yourself.

A “real man” is a complete slave to a woman.

Over 50 years? Then how old are you? Assuming you were not always a man, but rather a boy at one time.

K: being a man is not about sex or domination or abuse and my mother taught me these things when I was
very young. Occasionally I have to relearn these lessons, but I’ve known them my whole life. Being a man
is not physical but mental, it is about a state of mind.


I just like demur women.

The more demure a woman is, the less I want to dominate her.

The more butch she is, the more I want to leave her or pulverize her.

Demure women can still fundamentally be autonomous, while allowing themselves to be swayed by a man’s (whom they’ve come to know, trust and appreciate) superior charisma, reasoning and leadership capabilities.

Oh Wait, demur is not the word I thought it was, I mean something like psychologically receptive and yielding I guess.

Being children, tyr and wizard, don’t have the knowledge to understand what a real man is.
they think being a man is being a tough guy, and you get respected by all, well bad news kids,
respect is earned and sometimes the answer is not being a tough guy. The real man reacts to
the situation and sometimes the situation requires not toughness but compassion and love.
Personally I don’t show my emotions, that is not me nor is it how I was raised. I don’t hug, I don’t
share, I am rather standoffish and I don’t do vulnerable. Yet, looking back there have been times
when I would have been far better served had I been those things. I keep myself distant from
other people and in the long run that has hurt me more than helped me. I have a long way to go
still in being a man and I hope to someday get there but the faults are mine and the responsibility is
mine. I cannot blame anyone or anything for any failures of mine. I accept accountability
for who I am today… Not my parents or brothers or sisters or wife or daughter, but me and that is being
a real man.


That’s not what I think at all.

K: then feel free to explain yourself.


K: I was right with you until you "man superior charisma, reasoning, and leadership capabilities.
I know women who are my superior to me in charisma, reasoning and leadership. I do what I do with
a man, I learn from them.

Please feel free to show me how a man is superior to women in such skills?


What a refreshing change from the self-pitying drivel of immature boys.

If you want to know what I think then listen to this…
Who should define what a man is, other than a man?
But the thing is, it’s not for just men to decide.

Women try to control men, by defining men.
And men try to control women, by defining women.

It’s a gender war; and I’ve always been disappointed by how women attempt to define me as a man.
It’s disgraceful and low. Where is a woman who respects men???

Sure, that and a pair of testicles.

Yeah, manginas are usually brought up by their mothers.


A romantic man is one that is a complete slave and puts women on a unreasonable pedestal.

In short a “real man” is expendable and self serving to the woman.

[ Complete utter bullshit.]

Long ago the Joker was once a romantic, gentleman, and nice guy to women.

I use to be the guy that would hold open the door for women and so on.

What was interesting is that despite my nice guy demeanor women would always reject me.

At the same time it always amazed me that the rude, mean, obnoxious pricks with all the money would easily get all the girls.

Eventually overtime I figured it all out…

Evolutionary psychology became an invaluable teacher.

When it concerns a simple romantic male versus a man with money and power a woman will always choose the later.

Of course dumb manginas are either unable or refuse to understand all of this.

Some manginas actually know about all of this but pretend to be romantic anyways in their duplicity because they allow their desires of the opposite sex to control them.

Translation: Finally a male expressed opinion that I as a woman can manipulate.

k: Actually, you get to decide how to define yourself but I don’t believe in this idea of gender war.
I don’t allow anyone to define me, I created my own definition of who I am. I married a women who
was ok with who I was because I wasn’t going to change for her. The only changes I make are for me.


K: Your rather simple attempts to insult me are silly and the fact is women do what women do,
you would be surprised at what women will choose, money or not. but I don’t concern myself with women
or their thoughts any more than I concern myself with your thoughts and concerns. I do not need to concern
myself with anybody but me. As I said, I am secure with myself and that’s that matter.