What is a universal monarach and a buddha?

In other words , what does a master of the world means, comparing to someone who has renounce the world? Whom is superror. Perhaps, I am asking a question to people who are yet enlighten, then again I will try.

I have heard Jesus is a Buddha, and have a clear conception of the meaning of the buddha. But I can only think of someone of a universal monarach like Leonardo De Vinci. Then again what do I know.

This reminds me, I was talking with a long-time Rinzai Zen practitioner about 2 weeks ago and something striking (and relatively relevant) he said was, “There are 2 paths to enlightenment. The path of great faith and the path of great doubt. The path you will take is already determined in your nature - you can’t change that. If you are meant to walk the path of great faith, you will get there faster. If you are meant to walk the path of great doubt, although you take longer to arrive, you will be able to teach. Those who walk the path of great faith can’t teach - They didn’t ask any questions.”

But well, you know that from the buddhist perspective, there’s no difference whatsoever between samsara & nirvana. If you’re seeing relative phenomena clearly then you’re seeing ultimate reality clearly. And if you’re seeing ultimate reality clearly, you’re seeing relative phenomena clearly. Whatever way you wanna go doesn’t really matter so much.

If there is a universal monarch, then he is mute and lame.

There are two people I think are a universal monarach, Jesus or Leonardo De Vinci.

The buddha can perform mircales as Jesus can. Does this means Jesus was a buddha.

While a person of great faith and great doubt.
First the great faith does not uses reason, so they believe what ever the teacher says, like they see the words but they don’t understand.

While, a great doubt, he knows everything, according to what he experience and a witness . However, once he believes in something, he changes his mind later. Charles Darwin, said religion is evil, until when he was dying he wanted to be a christian at the end.
I really need to see an example what is a universal monarach.

hey but thanks for the response.

This post is rather silly, as it plays upon a minority sect within Buddhism that claims that Buddha (Siddhartha) was anything more than human. Most Buddhists do not adhere to this school of thought.

No , it’s not possible.The buddha is told us the reality,forth reality.And he said ‘if you realize The Noble truth, then you will free from any emotion.When you free from them, you get no suffering.’

Then the point of his teaching is to tell us how to defeat all suffering.


But the lord Jesus said 'you ‘ll be pleasure if you belive in God.’

There are two doors, wisdom and ignorance.

Buddha gives us how to free from everything.
Jesus gives us how to be a good son of God.

This is not strictly true. Faith is very different from belief. Belief is believing what another person has taught you. Faith on the otherhand comes from your own intrinsic buddha. It is a virtue of your heart. It is not simply that you have faith in the thing but that the thing has faith in you. It has a symbiotic quality. Faith is a whole lot bigger than what your mind can conceive of.

This is not true either. People of faith also have doubt. Doubt is one of the greatest gifts to mankind. Doubt gives us the capacity to question so that faith does not become blind. Blind faith is belief. Belief comes from outside ourselves. Faith is alive, it is intrinsic and a person of faith through practice is indeed very capable of teaching. He doesn’t teach you something that he has learned from a teacher or from a book, he teaches you something that he has learned from his own life experience. This is the true teaching. Faith is the most important virtue of the buddha nature. Without it, you cannot progress on your path. Without faith, you will not know why are you are practicing. Without faith you have doubt and when you doubt solely without faith, you are lost.


The word buddha literally means awakened human being. A human being is a sleeping buddha. So yes, Jesus is a buddha. He is not the Buddha as in Sakyamuni Buddha, but he is a buddha nontheless. One could even say that Buddha has Christ Consciousness. That would be an awareness of one’s True Nature which another term for is Buddha.


Then who is a universal monarach?

I’m not really sure of what you mean by ‘monarch’.


Everything is full of emptiness.
Water is full of emptiness,
Cup that full of water is still full of emptiness,
Table that full of cups is still full of emptiness,
Room that full of tables is still full of emptiness,
House that full of rooms is still full of emptiness,
City that full of houses is still full of emptiness,
Country that full of cities is still full of emptiness,
Planet that full of countrys is still full of emptiness,
Universe that full of planets is still full of emptiness,
Everything is full of emptiness,
Universe without planet is empty,
Planet without country is empty,
Country without city is empty,
City without house is empty,
House without room is empty,
Room without table is empty,
Table without cup is empty,
Cup without water is empty,
Water is empty,
Everything is empty,
When everything is empty, how it be itself,
How water be water,
How cup be cup,
How table be table,
How room be room,
How house be house,
How city be city,
How country be country,
How planet be planet,
How universe be universe,
When everything doesn’t be, how it exists,
Where is water?,
Where is cup?,
Where is table?,
Where is room?,
Where is house?,
Where is city?,
Where is country?,
Where is planet?,
Where is universe?,
When everything doesn’t exist, how the world be,
When the world doesn’t be, how monarch be, how god be,
When monarch doesn’t be, when god doesn’t be, how one be superior or inferior or equal to other one.

Losing is easy, Keep winning is more hard,
If there doesn’t be losing, how there be winning,
If there doesn’t be winning, how there be losing,
If there doesn’t be losing and winning, how winning and loosing need to keep on

I’m sorry, what? Is this taken from somwhere, if so can you let us know where its from? Would you mind posting some sort of justification, explanation, or anything?

This could be just out of context, but I don’t see how this relates, to this topic… or anything. I don’t even understand what this is even saying, it sounds like a bunch of psuedo-intellectual jargen. Maybe I’m completely out of line, if there is an explanation, that you have, or wherever you got this has I would be interested in reading it.

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In the story of the buddha, a prophet foretold the forthe comming of a redeemer of the world, the buddha, if he leaves the life of a houshold or a master of the world, the universal monarch, if he remains in the household life.

I believe the universal monarch thus far as I can imagine is Alexander the Great, or like Leonardo De Vinci, skillfull at everything he gets his hands on. And the buddhalike, Jesus christ.
For the devil tempted jesus to abandon the hope of saving the world, and be a powerful person. And the devil tempted buddha to abandon the hope of saving souls so he can be a powerful conquerer.

It was predicted by seers before the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha who said that this child would either become a great ‘Monarch’ (King/ruler) or he would become a buddha. His father hoping that his son would not leave kept suffering out of his sight so that he never encountered any suffering, he lived a life of luxury. It was only on a trip with one of his servants that he was exposed to normal life outside of the palace when his compassion was aroused and he was moved to search for the root of all suffering in the universe.


You are missing the point, I do know what a monarch is. But what is a universal monarch?