What is Beauty?

What do you all think is beauty? How do we know if someone or something is ‘beautiful’ or not? Is it the human instinct that judges whether or not someone/something is beautiful? Or is there any universal standard with which to judge the aesthetics of things?

If I want to study Aesthetics on my own, which books do you think I should start with?

I think beauty is a humourous realisation of self.
Of self in relation to anyone’s idea of universal standard.
And realisation that one’s self fits neatly into the universe like a sunflower seed amongst his fellows. And the beauty in that.

In choosing books to see beauty. Try a variety. See that each has its point of view. Its relation to a universal standard of… communication. Blah, blah, blah

What is not beauty?


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is pleasure, joy, etc.
No matter if you are a total dog by the average human standard there will exist people who find you beautiful. Beauty exemplifies the part of us we hold up on a pedestal , it is something to aspire to. A flower, a piece of art, a rock, a dog, a tiger, a murderer, a thief, these like all things have beauty in them, something that makes them special to someone.
Your personality can make you beautiful, that can attract people to you even if your body is mangled and crippled.

it is funny how you turned the beauty on what you think of a will to make the others say it about you what if i tell you you will be ugly all time you be will you find another sense to beauty?

beauty is always outside of me it is the image God choose to say the depth of means that we struggle to understand

I get the idea that english is not your first language, so I am trying to interpret the best I can.

I think I agree somewhat with where you are coming from except I don’t see God in it. And beauty is an actual thought, a perception that enables us to accept or reject certain items, it is not real.

It is clear that it is not my english but your persistance on lying thinking that it is the way to make the truth not any truth will be of what is not you are killing the truth i hate to see the disaster but i have to answer just for your soul who thinks her lie isn’t abvious to any eyes beauty is for you stars you enjoy to watch well you won’t like to feel inn if you don’t think that you are

For me a star is beautiful in what she says at night you are not alone that is why i found much more beautiful some living words in images and sounds

um, ok

Beauty is only skin deep.

I wrote that back in the '80’s.

Psssst , Bessy did he just call me a liar? or has my dyslexia taken a new twist due to the beginnings of mentalpause in me?

Therefore/ Conclusion: something is not ugly is beauty.

This is a logic equation .

Beauty has nothing to do with logic. Logic creates reductionism, which is the antithesis of beauty, which sheds confinement.

Beauty is truth, fleeting, subjective and ever changing.

In my youth, beauty was ice cream, cake and sports.

As a teenager, beauty was the number of different females I could engage sexually.

In my twenties, it was my wife and the children she gave to us.

In my thirties, it is the reflection of all creation in the simplicity of my children.

In my forties, beauty is likely to be the controlled absence of other human beings.

Again, fleeting, subjective, and changing … all subtle reflections.

I loved every line of this. The last one is more than a little true. Mine would be coming to terms with what I am not and embracing what I am.


it is as you think that hate is love this is evil thought making the low necessary to justify his will uglyness and beauty are completely independant as when you choose loneliness to be away of what you felt disgusting it even affect your sense of beauty and there where the miracle can come in a while you don’t expect any telling you you see i am
the opposite to beauty as the opposite of feelings of love are death the opposite to the ugliest feature of a monster thinking the suffer of others will make him avoid his being weak is death too the difference between ugly and beauty is only that one is when the other is also ugly because it is intention to fake killing what is

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videos.humpingfrog.com/14302/200 … model.html


Is that supposed to be a post?
It’s more like watching a twelve way Mongolian clusterf**k.

There are certain rules with English that you may be unaware of sir.

Punctuation, (.,;:'"!?). These are symbols we use to help us logically organize the use of words and terminal points of context. They can also be used to add particular accent, emphasis or modes of idea(s).

Grammar, knowing the order of words and arranging them according to those rules such that the content and context of the idea(s) is/are communicable and comprehensible.

what is this video showing?

I don’t have the stuff on my pc

consider me a mongolian giving his truth of love is that a problem for you sirs would you be kind enough to receive him in your philosophy being of mind?