what is beauty? ....

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beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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her voice is the music,
her move is the olympic,
her curve is sculpture,
her face is fine art,

her physique is the origin of beauty.

Hey folks, what’s going on? What is beauty? hmmm… “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” was a reply of one of the philosophers previously posted. Although, this idea has merit because it seems like we all have different tastes. Technically, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is not defining what beauty is, but rather where it is percieved. However this can easily be refuted… If there were no people around to see this beauty (ie. a sunset occuring without any people to behold it) would the sunset still be beuatiful? Of course it would! If a tree falls in the forest without anyone around to hear it does it still make a sound? Yes it would. One would just not be able to sense it. It would create molecular kinetic energy which really is the definition of sound. No one needs to hear it for it to be there.

Let’s talk about Plato’s Wonderful World of Forms!!! Is there such thing as a perfect circle? No, there isn’t. So how do we know what one looks like? Well, we have this idea in the metaphysical realm (where your mind goes to recieve ideas) called a perfect circle. One cannot see it because there is technically no such thing here in the physical realm. Yet, we can see it in our mind as an idea. It exists, just not in the physical realm.

ie. 1+1=2. Would 1+1 stop equalling 2 if no one existed to think of it? No, of course it wouldn’t. This is what is called an eternal idea. They can neither be created nor destroyed. Now I may step on some toes here. When I say neither created nor destroyed I’m saying even God (if you believe in Him) cannot destroy these truths. They are eternal.

Likewise, beauty is an idea in the metaphysical realm that all can grasp and is actually not relatively true, contrary to popular belief. Beauty would still exist without any humans around to judge or not, therefore beauty is not in the eye of the beholder but rather it is an objective truth that we all have access to, whether we know what every “form” of beauty looks like.

Post to let me know what you think about this because I’m open to truth and not just open to let my ideals be presented…

    -the Brain. :smiley:

Beauty is that fuzzy property by which we classify objects into “beautiful” and “not beautiful”. It is supervenient on many things - health, colour, sound - mostly sensory inputs but not always. It is a word used to describe things which elicit a particular response. The qualia of beauty.

“Hey folks, what’s going on?”

Hey folk, obviously you’ve no idea what’s going on around here.

Should you be reading the poem “Hammerklavier” in Creative Writing?

And please read the poem above you again, especially the part “her physique is the origin of beauty”…

Ya, I was just provoking thought…this IS a philosophy forum so I just decided to use reason instead of poetry, maybe I misunderstood the title of the post…I thought it was asking what beauty actually is…:slight_smile: meh. Thank-you for your input though. God bless.

beatiful things in nature are things that are unusual, or not seen often, like a normally blue sky that turns red. thats my theory.

as for girls being beautiful it seems to always be described as natural selection creating a subconscious desire for things that make a girl a good mom. big boobs for milk and such. the face, however, the beauty is measured by its symmetry. theres no apparent natural advantage gained by having a symmetrical face, but it appears that humans subconsciously associate a symmetrical face with overal body symmetry and health.

i dont think there are any absolute definitions of beauty anywhere. i dont think poop is pretty, but ill bet dung beetles like it. i guess you could say that absolutely all dung bettles think poop is pretty.

Plato would (correct me if I’m wrong) say that there’s a perfect form for beauty. I would disagree simply on the basis that beauty is relative. Different cultures and different ages in history have found different women beautiful. Women have been appreciated for their curves, their curls, their ‘s’ shape, their no shape, their small cleavage, their rosy cheeks. Although many people are considered “universally” good looking, most people have different tastes. Perhaps when Plato talks of a perfect form of beauty, he means that we all understand the true form of beauty, but we see this beauty in different things. It is true that people believe symetry equates beauty, but I’ve always had a thing for guys with crooked noses!! Maybe thats because I find imperfections enduring.

Well beauty is whatever you truly believe beauty is. When I talk to a woman for the first time I always try to consider there personality before there face, curves, breast size, or color of there hair although I have prefferences for each they are not must haves. It always was and will be the personality that comes first. And when I look at a dead tree against a blue sky that for me is really beautiful. But when I see just a dead tree it is an eye sore. but not everyone is going to think a dead tree against blue sky is beautiful. But then not everyone is going to think just a dead tree is ugly. It just depends on the person. And light_eclipseca, I could not have explained it better. Read my post I tried but it just did not work.

A beautiful person is a person willing to put the happiness of others before her own and doing humanitarian work, someone like Mother Theresa. Her soul is beautiful.

“…this IS a philosophy forum so I just decided to use reason instead of poetry…”

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Enjoy and be refreshed!

Future Man:

I’m afraid that I disagree with your theory. however, I can’t deny what you said about women and beauty. But, it doen’t undermine the message of the poem, which is: I think that beauty is originated from the attraction between men and women. We like things that can indirectly and subconciously provoke our admiration towards the opposite sex.

That’s all folks, just trying to express an idea about the origin of beauty.