What is civility?

What does it mean to be civilized?

What does reformism and rehabilitation mean?

What does domestication imply?

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I’m guessing: that they are all things that you despise and abhor?

Indeed they are. :slight_smile:

I see that noone wants to give me some well informed definitions.

How ironic.

Civilization is governed by rules of conduct and of thought.

Politeness, social graces, etiquette and even some forms of kindness are learned behaviors which are taught into children from an early age.

Shame and guilt and fear are used to create this uniform behavior which offers us the comforting illusion that all is well and we are all the same, despite being individuals.

We now perform these behaviors mechanically, like a reflex, saying what is expected of us, acting as we think the others will appreciate, showing the correct emotions and interests in any given circumstance.

When the lessons are ingrained in us from an early age ands if they find empty spaces within a weak mind, the behavior and the thoughts will become second nature. In time we will begin beleiving in them, thinking them our pure self.

To me it means societal conformaty. Abiding by a set of guidlines and ethics understood in a communal enclave.

Brilliant! I didn’t think anybody replyed to this thread. :slight_smile:

Could civility be a sort of cultism?

It should be noted that I am serious about the questions postulated in this thread.

I really do hope some people will give this thread some notice.

My first impression of ‘civility’ is ‘obedience’…

More later…

Well, I consider Christianity to have civil attributes. There would be some who consider Christianity as a cult. So, it could be guilty by association.

Each political system yields different kinds of “civility”. Anarchism, which is theoretically “no government”, would exist only insofar as there were some kind of civil agreement. So even the extreme, anarchism, must operate on some kind of contractual basis…or else you don’t have a society, however large.

Every time I turn around you are anti this and anti that, Joker. You can only fantasize about nihilism for so long…then you have to live somehow in society.

I am much like yourself, and prefer anarchy, and am also willing to accept and admit all the implications of that: there would be more violence, smaller populations, shorter life spans, and many other factors that contribute to a very primitive, brutal “civil” system.

I am in favor of stronger individuals asserting their wills, no matter the expense. I would sooner let one hundred strong individuals exist at the expense of one thousand weaklings. I do not believe God exists. I do not believe in immortality. In my universe, all that is left to hold dear is allowing those who dare to express their will however they see fit. Life is redeemed by aesthetics …there is no “practical” value to existence. It means nothing. 4.8 billion living people is not important. What is important is that greater risks are made by individuals who have the capacity to dare to redeem life. One should always approach life experimentally, playfully, and a little sarcastically.

I do not believe any political system other than communism has any long term interests on this planet. In the absence of communism, I endorse anarchism.

Everyman for himself…or…let those stronger individuals conspire together for power.

Most of us think: that we do what we want , that we are independent me, That there are no tyrants in our life. But actually there is.
To be “civil” means that one has been programed into certain way of comporment.
Such as - you will pants in public.
-you will use silverware
-you will shave your underarms
-you will not say Bush is a liar

Yes but you are giving examples of civil contingencies, of civil things. You are not defining the term itself. Civil civilians in a civilization of civility. (say that three times fast) But what does it mean?

It can only mean a contract, an agreement on rules and regulations…using silverware for example. The rule is contingent…we could get along just fine without silverware, so that is only an example of civility and not what civility means.

I mean one head hunter could say to another “Bombuno…you are not being civil! You must share the meal with the other tribesmen…now give Shuwanuwan that grilled human leg and sit cho ass down!”

Civility is easy;; It means not running over that arrogant asshole on a bike that is taking up the street and won’t let you pass in your car.

Reformation and rehabilitation means: You regret nudging that asshole ever so slightly with your bumper because you now have to pay for damage.

Domestication means; You pay the asshole some money for the damage you caused and warn that asshole there will be a repeat if the asshole does not stay off the street and you do it all with a smile.

What is deemed the most popular becomes the norm, and being civil has become the norm because it works in practice, and therefore was adopted by the masses as a way to interact…

What creates the least bloodshed is bound to be the most popular, in these times of enlightenment, don’t you think, Joker? :wink: or we could always go back to rape&pillage, and see who’s left standing! :evilfun:

or setup puppet governments- a civil way of rape and pilaging