What is enlightenment?

I was tempted to say, “Om” but figured he meant the philosophical movement, what with Kant and Foocogh.

Yes well, I don’t know about all that Einstein stuff, but I do know that simply because a particle’s mass changes, depending on its speed, a hot-air balloon is nothing like a particle, and its mass remains more or less…the same. That is, the force of gravity on the object we call “balloon” is the same with or without the hot-air inflating the balloon itself.

If you are trying to use QM to show how speed can effect size and mass, remember that this radical particle behavior is nothing like the mass of a large molecular object. Think big stuff…not little stuff. If you insist, I would advise jumping into the same river twice…if you can do it.

Or better yet… jump into a river twice that is travelling at the speed of light.