What is fun and why?

Man’s life is divided into two parts,one is boilogical,another spiritual.For biological life we need food,sex,etc.for spiritual life we need entertainment and fun,etc.So the question what is fun and why probably cannot be explained by biology,although it may have some connection with man’s biology.
Why our spirit(not our body) need entertainment and fun?If watching sad movies is not fun,why we still like it? Comedy and tragedy have the same charm for our spirit,maybe our spirit have its own life.

I don’t agree. I think there are universals. A massage is fun almost universally. A punch in the face… generally not. Winning is fun generally. Losing is less so than winning but there are instances when losing is still fun. You mention relaxing, do you think it is coincidence that companies can sell things like ambient noise or mood relaxing machines? Do you think is coincidence that people tend to vacation in the same places? I have to admit it does kinda get to me knowing that each tourist place is very similar at some level, as if to say ‘these are the activities that are fun.’ Still I’ve had very limited vacationing experiences but each time I go somewhere I’m struck by how similar everything is. The conversations I have in one place could’ve taken place at home and so could the boozing and the other bullshit I tend to do. The fun of vacationing for me is the pretend anonymity/ability to change characteristics of myself or pretending I’m not worrying about my actual life. It’s on the same page though. The activities… they’re just time fillers and money wasters… anyway. Kind of a digression.

How much of the fun that you have do you think about retrospectively? I find that pretty frequently I don’t get excited about things but looking back I realize I had a good time. Anticipation used to be fun but I’m too nervous for that shit now (similar to competition in the sense that you never know who will win), in the moment I rarely acknowledge the pleasure. Afterwards is when I say… “that was fun.” Is fun a restrospective emotion? On that note I was told by cognitive psych lessons that emotions are usually placed onto events after they take place which kinda skews the perspective of them one way or another. Do you think that is true for you?

You’re toucing on another dimension of fun that I was considering. Novelty to me is one of the most interesting phenomena and discovering new ways to do things is one of the most fun things I’ve done. People say that everything for a child is fun because it is all new and exciting. As we get older things should get less fun by that dimension. I don’t know if that is true. I wish I had a fun scale to measure how much fun people were having to confirm or refute that claim.

But biologically speaking I think there is fun in sex and food. Both activities have taken on distinct characteristics apart from their biological root. There is no necessity in spicing up food or sex for that matter. There is a fun factor in doing extra in each. On that line of thinking maybe a level of complexity is fun? In cultures that use hot spices they tend to enjoy a degree of hotness that is slightly below their breaking point. This is cultural so other cultures could taste the same food and think that it is too hot and thus not enjoy it. In that sense a complexity and understanding for the spice is necessary for the enjoyment. Which would make me wonder do we simply need to be proficient or talented in something to be fun? In this case the ability to withstand hot food spices? Do you agree?

Yes, at the time of the event we are probably so engrossed in it we can’t really examine it, so while we have fun doing it we don’t notice the feeling until later when we stop. The fun is present but, its enmeshed in the whole.

The fun of adults playing golf and other modern games is the same as children playing their games,only more complecated and organized.If adults needn’t work to make money for living,people would pass most of their time for fun or entertainmen.Studying and philosophy are fun too,if not,why we philosophizing here?
Some kind of fun may need to be proficient or talented,only adult enjoy classical music.

Yes but studying and philosophy are not fun to most people. The question I’m interested in answering is why.

there’s probably no answer to this question that is not relative and personal…

…it seems to be appearing that way, doesn’t it Fab - even within any given family/close-knit social circle, the individuals within those groups will require different input to have fun, which is measurable by elation/bliss/happiness…

Why does everyone keep saying that? It’s like a cult conspiracy keeping the essence of fun secret or something.

Why do you think you enjoy philosophy and others don’t? If you think it is because they’re stupid go ahead and say it. Maybe they don’t understand the complexity or the way it relates to more global ideas.

This is the only shit I’m interested in anymore. I can’t sit around and debate over things that are very clearly presented to everyone in black and white and feel like I’m educated. That feels so fucking useless relative to new fields that haven’t even been discussed. This is philosophy. The logical process of coming up with hypothesies for why things happen. If you just give up and say shit like what you said then you do not like philosophy you like rehearsing old cliches and using the best ones to debate other old cliches. Do you want to take a stab at it or would you rather continue making pointless comments that add nothing to my discussion?

Pointless comments are a necessary part of all healthy discussions…I’d even say they are the bulk of them.

However, that one was NOT a pointless comment. If you come to a philosophy board to ask other members what they consider to be fun and why, are you really waiting for a lot of similar answers? Isn’t it plainly obvious that people have their own reasons to like some things and dislike others? Isn’t it clear as water that these reasons are relative and personal? What is particularly pointless about that?

God made this world for the sake of his fun.If this world did not exist,if there is nothing at all,there would be no fun,no meaning,God would be just like one absolutly closed in a dark room. The existence of something has more fun than nothingness.
Why the world should exist if its existence have no fun,so no meaning at all?The world exists for fun,otherwise it have no reason to exist.There is an old question: why there is something rather than nothing at all? answer :because the something is fun rather than nothing at all.
Why life exists in this material world?becuase life is more fun than material,and animal life is more fun than plant life,and human life more fun than animal life,and modern life more fun than primitive life.So the essence of human life is for fun,that is why when we finished working for biological necessities we would pass our time for fun.

You’re really going to defend pointless conversation?

That comment was pointless because it didn’t answer the question, beside it has already been said. I don’t agree and I have explained why yet, very few people seem to want to acknowledge my point. People have their own reasons for doing everything. That hasn’t stopped social scientists from norming them. When they set out to understand why people got depressed I’m sure a lot of people who lacked the insight to see patterns said the same thing you are saying. “Depression is caused by different things for different people.” Which yes is true but that doesn’t mean the stressors and patterns of behavior haven’t been normed. Anxiety, types of personality, philosophical outlook are all considered to be major causes of depression. Certain stressors are usually considered more stressful than others (death in the family vs. losing your car keys.) What are the major causes of fun? I don’t know. I figured I’d asked self proclaimed intellectuals who pretend to be interesnted in these types of questions but apparently I might has well have spent the last couple weeks writing my own thoughts down and examining them.

I mean here is my greatest frustration. I am asking a question and you are essentially saying do not ask that question because you think it can’t be answered. Do you realize historically how many of these questions haev been asked and how many useless people have stood in the way of their solution?

I think the puritans would disagree. Hell I would too. There is far more pain I think than pleasure but that is another topic.

I think plants have the best life of all life forms. They life the longest and relax in the sun their entire life. They don’t have to worry about survival or death because even if they are conscious they can’t move. That is the ultimate acceptance of fate. You can’t stress out abotu something you can’t change. I wish I was a tree. The oldest trees on the planet are like 5000 years old. That is as long as human history. They are immortal for the most part. They’re far luckier than we are.

But plants life have much less fun than animals life,and animals life have much less fun than humans life.
Plants have more fun than matter,that is why they emerged from this lifeless matter
world.The kind of life which is motionless and have no worry about survival or death are easy to be perished.It is for higher survival oppotunity that animals evolved nerve system that can predict danger to their life( that’s the origin of worry).Maybe for god,the essence of fun is motion,change, evolve and eventually accomplish some goal,such whole process from beginning to the end fulfill the fun that god enjoy.

Puritans life is fun too,only they don’t realise that.They prefer life rather than death proves that.Death means life returns to matter,its previous condition.
Life itself is fun,people only don’t realise that,but they fear death and when one of them died they fall in sorrow (the opposite of fun) proved that life is fun and death the opposite.

I don’t know. I like hanging out in the sun for hours. I would put it pretty high up on the scale of things i would rather be doing. Imagine relaxing forever.

If we evolved nerve systems for survival purposes then we are still losing the race. Trees live much longer than us.

I know life is fun. I enjoy it to some extent not the extent I would like to. I was just talking to my friend earlier about how boring life can be. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing in order to make it more fun. Activities, actions, experiences, and what types? I don’t know.

We’ve all been there, cba, so you are not alone in feeling your life is unfulfilled: that is when one finds more exciting things to do in-order to have fun, so, whatever floats your boat… :wink:

That is only a fraction of why I want to understand fun.

What would you suggest anyway though?

I like classical music,but if I listen to it everyday it would not be fun but boring.one can enjoy something only for a limited time,more than that,it would be boring.

Modern people now spend much less time on working for biological necessities than ever before.Many of them discard big family,even never get married or have no children.so they have much more free time than the people in olden times and are at a loss what to do for the abundant time that was previously spend on working for such biological necessities.

If we know life itself is fun,then spend proper time on working for family and kids are fun too and would have not enough time for boring.

It’s the most important thing. It is what dies in “adults”. A child at play is the most natural state a human can attain. A perfect human should find fun in what will break most souls, an Einstein playing with the universe. It is TRUE freedom. It is very difficult to keep your child-like wonder at the universe, throughout your whole life.

We actually have less leisure time now than we did before. We don’t need any of the stuff that we have but we work way more for it just to keep up with modern demands. I think the strain of spending so much time working has made it difficult to develop large networks of friends and close relationships. What would be normal every day activities like hanging out and enjoying other people’s company now has to be scheduled into a busy life style. I don’t know the last time i didn’t work on my weekend.

But besides classical music I find there are some things that I can spend hours a day doing and not get bored.