What is Human?

Before I start explaining and solving this problem, I would like to
explain the motivation for asking this question.

I would like to know Human, simply because everything is human.
Nature is human, life is human, soul is human, material is human,
religion is human, philosophy is human…etc. The meaning of these
is that everything is about human, all we are doing here is about human.
So there is a deep confusion inside my heart, or soul, which is that
how do I feel Human? Or what is Human?

So the question is “What is Human?”. What kind of answer am I looking for?
Human simply is Human! It is difficult to say the kind of asnwer I am looking
for, or maybe just impossible to say, except that I want to feel exactly correct
whenever I say the word “Human”. In other words, I am not looking for a physical
definition, but a spiritual definition; not some answer like human is a body with
head, torso, legs. arms…etc., but Human is a soul, a spirit, human is life…etc.
And of course, I will definitely explain the meaning of the words I use.

So, what is Human? The first thing I came up with, is I am human. I am alive,
I am living, I am typing this essay now, my fingers are moving, I am thinhking,
I have feeling, I have consciousness. But what is Human anyway? I am an example
of Human, but what is Human in general? I need more examples: my dad is Human,
my mom is Human, my sister is Human. Okay, how about Human is life? Sounds good,
but what is life? Life is alive. This satisfies me. So Human is life, or Human is beings
that are alive.

The word 'Human has lost all meaning because I read it so many times.

I’d be interested to see how you qualify these claims, and where you draw the distinction between human and non human.

Human is beings that are alive? Like caterpillars? and ants? Ants are human?

“Human” is simply a word. it consists of 5 letters starting with H
as a word it in itself is nothing; it can be anything we want it to.

If we all started calling cars “Humans” they would be.

It seems to me then that you are just going to re-define ‘human’. Nothing spectacular. People do it too much here on ILP.

EDIT: Sorry Khrone not you, I meant the OP.

Mankind through all of his evolutionary ongoing processes…at least beginning from the point of his becoming conscious and aware…until Mankind reaches that point where he has lost his humanity and becomes something else, if evolution takes it in that direction.