What is ILP communism?

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Why is everyone is so obessed of property? Do people coypright their own theisis or articles? Or patent them ?

The more you write the more you copyright? This is definetly a great scheme to make money, and protection. Law and money is the way to go.

Hobbes says man in nature are bruttish and evil.
Locke says the government is form to protect property of the citizens.
Rousseau it was property that made human beings selfish, and greedy.



I can imagine if they finished a written book, but not an essay for graduate studies.

i could understand a person copywriting/patenting every idea that every came from their head. and why not? intellectual property is arguably more valuable than physical property. these copywrites are just a way to offer some protection to your property.

the more patents that are taken out means the more new ideas that are happening. all this is better for me. i get to benefit from someone else’s program code creating a better operating system or computer program that makes my life easier. or an idea for a new fuel source, whatever it is, if it is good, i benefit.

but who’s going to bother following their little voice in their head to create such a detailed idea if they know that there is no benefit for them? these things take a lot of work. if it’s just going to be taken away from the inventor, they will stop inventing. if i can get paid $1 million for a good idea, i’m going to work hard at it. if i can only get paid 50 cents for an idea, i’m going to watch some tv instead. more patents equals more products, more benefits, more business, more economy, more progress.

as far as essays, many of these things are so indepth that they will be used eventually as articles or thesis’. if it’s good enough to make money off of, it should be protected in some way.

a master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation quite regularly is book length…


what about artwork. If a person creates a character, and a movie reality makes the same character like but a different name. its not cartoon but in actuality. not the same story nor the same name, but the clothes look the same and hair styles looks the same, would that be okay?