What is Life? What makes it meaning ful/Worse?

Life is a gift…Dunno who gave it…But its in our hands to live it meaningfully…

What makes it meaning ful?
Money, Achievements,Happiness…?

What makes worse???
Lack of control over life,…?


What makes life meaningful? Emotion

What makes life worse? Negative emotion

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Thats a fantastic answer…
Does it mean …live for others?

I strongly belive your answer for “worse”

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If everything we do is for the reason of one making ourselves happy or making ourselves happy by making another happy then happiness would be the meaning of life.

Positive emotions would all fall under the general category of happiness.

Life is an experience.

What makes it meaning ful?
Experiences that I find satisfying.

What makes worse???
Experiences that I find unsatisfying.

As you discover who you are you will learn what experiences satisfy you the most. Whatever experiences give you the best kind of satisfaction constitute a major component of you identity. That is your best alignment with the world. That is your Tao, your path, your way.

Don’t settle for cheap highs.

Life has meaning when you are happy. When you aren’t happy there’s all this confusion and pain. If you want to be happy you have to be who YOU want to be. Don’t let anyone control your life.

You are here to get what you want in order to feel happy. Anybody says otherwise needs some reality. Meaning means nothing. Simple as that.

Fantastic…Wonderful conception of life…Guess you are loving each and every second of your LIFE.I wish and i really want me to be…

Do you like to take the word “ALTRUISM” from your Dictionary???..what if ,your WELL WISHERS, TRUE FRIENDS, TRUE RELATIVES dont like what YOU want to be(For instance- you are walkin out of a business empire to find a job)

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Not a wrong answer yet, life is all about emotions, both good and bad. Which makes the meaning of life to find happiness. So find happiness, live life and have fun!!!

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I have trouble with the happiness thing. Although happy is good, I’ll choose contentment over happiness any day. It seem’s to me that the meaning of life is to benefit others. We’re in this together, and I can only receive benefit from benefitting others. I cannot expect you to see my unique and wonderful strengths and qualities if I do not first acknowledge and support your unique and wonderful… We support and uphold one another. It doesn’t necessarily bring happiness, but my contentment depends on others. I just take care of others and thereby take care of myself. This isn’t meant as a ‘strategy’ for manipulation, but as a posture of genuine caring and doing.

We all acknowledge and honor the life of Mother Teresa. Did she spend her life working in the slums of Calcutta waiting for world acclaim? Or was she sustained by the timid smile of an abandoned child?

We sustain one another, or we suffer in our own private hell - complete with wine cellar and hot tub.


…and when we do that, sustain one another, we have an opportunity to see life as it really is. Seeing life as it really is, is what is meaningful to me.


I’d say the point of life is reproduction, and then death. Nothing more.

It is not my function as an organism to be happy, but I try to be anyway.

Frankl found meaning in a concentration camp, are you to imply he was happy? Happiness, that of self or making others happy, goes out the window in circumstances like a concentration camp.

We are able to attach meaning to our suffering, and so it goes much further then questions of happiness.

He had peace in his soul. I think life is better when you are at peace with yourself, life is worse when you are not at peace with yourself. I can always feel it clearly when I am not at peace, and the answers as to why are never as hard to find as they are to accept and act on.

In real life I’m a cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT) and I have been doing that for 16 years. Over that time I have worked in a variety of settings including a maximum security prison and a place geared for little children. So, I have had a variety of clients from all walks of life that have had almost every problem imaginable, and some that aren’t.

The CBT idea is basically that one’s ideas shape one’s behavior. The person’s beliefs about their past, present, and future determine their overall mood. I have found that this is overwhelmingly true. However, since I work mostly with poor people, I have found that there are a lot of manufactured social circumstances that are a bit too extreme to think your way through. So, I would say that at about 90%, attitudes and beliefs are the driving force behind human suffering in a western country and about 10% revolves around real life pressures. However, in non-western countries I’m sure that it is the reverse.

I also use a lot of ideas from existential psychotherapy. The basic idea there is that people are afraid of death and that they do all kinds of zany things to avoid thinking about it. Another idea is that life has no meaning and that one must create meaning in order to feel good about life. This idea helps people to create a mission for themselves that they are inexcusably responsible for. Personally I think that this is the only way to look at things and it is a great reason to change.

The Adlerian,

Just curious, but what is the mechanism of constructing meaning that provides validity for the construct? The ability to say, “this is so.” make’s it so? It strikes me as a construct with a sand foundation.


  1. Just curious, but what is the mechanism of constructing meaning that provides validity for the construct? The ability to say, “this is so.” make’s it so? It strikes me as a construct with a sand foundation.

That is one tough question and a good one.

In the kind of therapy that I’m most familiar with there is the idea that the mind is a construction of ideas that branch out like a tree. There are core beliefs that provide the trunk and all other ideas ultimately refer in some way back to the core. So, if you had the core belief that “life is basically fair” then that would influence everything else. Even those beliefs about life not being fair would be influenced by the “life is fair” idea.

Anyway, all of these beliefs are linked to your environment and were learned were you live. So, your society provides the meaning and importance to your thoughts. However, a person can have idiosyncratic thoughts. These are ideas from the general public that are recombined in ways that are fairly unique to the person. Larry the Hotdog King might see his mission in life to provide the world’s finest hotdog as a way to spread peace and joy to mankind. He in his own mind is the hotdog Jesus. These are idiosyncratic beliefs.

So, the validity of the construct either comes from accepted social norms or from some internal value system. Ultimately, it is all self-referential. So, does this mean that it all is meaningless, or what? If one is an existentialist it does, but that is ok. In this sense happiness is relative.

The big question is how did certain cultural ideas get started. Were they around since those people were posts-apes or what? I’m not sure that this is true though. If one looks at the effect that a religion like Islam has had on people, then one can see that definitions of what is good and right can change

Life becomes meaningful when you GIVE. Life becomes worse when all you do you TAKE…

Does that go for babies too?

Why people like you are so strongly convinced that life is a gift? When is life a gift? When you’re healthy, rich and when there are a lot of “friends” by your side? Why do you always talk about life in a religious way? You say that it is a gift but do not know “who” gave it to you…so how can you know that it is really a gift?

Money? Achievements? Happiness?

Happiness does not exist, not in the real life, but only in our dreams.
Achievements are always useless.
Money is produced over the suffering and the exploitation of others. It is dirty and it could never make a true human being happy.

What makes life worse is that we can never live it alone. We can contempt humankind profoundly but we can never be free from it, unless we kill ourselves. But then we’re not alive anymore. That means that what makes life worse is life itself. Life is our tragedy. I’m not joking. :frowning: :frowning: