What is life without love? What is love?




Yes. The above link is ā€˜what is love?ā€™ down to the bone. If youā€™re still not satisfied, I suggest you read Iris Murdochā€™s back-catalogue.

I think we need love. It gives us something to look forward to and something to keep us going. Life without love would be a free-for-all. Nobody would do anything to protect ā€œloved onesā€ aka family, and friends. As for a definition of love, thats kinda tricky and I dont have an explanation for that.

right now i donā€™t know whether i should be putting any of this up hereā€¦as everything to do with the whole truth-event is rather confused and painfull for all involved- at least i hope all of us are in some kind of pain at least, not just having the time of their livesā€¦

anyway to give you the picture so i can explain what love is: my girlfriend, who frequents this board often- but hasnā€™t posted for ages, we broke up very very suddenly after a year and a half of a wonderfully happy relationshipā€¦she is now with another person, someone i know and thought was going to be really good friends with- ie i thought he was a good guy and could be trustedā€¦

no matter what the circumstances are events like this always hurtā€¦there is nothing anyone can do to try and avoid that, i am very hurt and if i took what had transpired personally there would be a lot of bitterness and for all of the many people intimately involved in this there would be no reconsiliationā€¦

instead i or we must just focus upon what we feelā€¦for me that is the absolute undying love i hold for this womanā€¦

there is nothing we can do about the what-ifā€™s or what-might-beā€™s all we can possibly focus upon is that a relationship, any relationship can grow out of the ashes of the oldā€¦

i do love this woman and although her actions have their consequences and have hurt me deeply, the one thing that cannot be touched by this is my love for herā€¦it is perhaps stronger than either of us ever really imaginedā€¦

all that i can do is to offer her my love, support and friendshipā€¦to be there for her when and if she needs meā€¦to let my love manifest itself in any other way is ineffect lying to myself and herā€¦

this is my present experience of love, i hope it helps, but do realise that these are emotions that have grow and developed over a long timeā€¦
all i can hope is that she will accept at least a tiny little of what my love, faith, strength and belief in her has to offerā€¦

if any are interested iā€™ll let you know further down the lineā€¦ie. 6 months or somesuch suitable timeframeā€¦what has transpired and whether this approach is or has been a possitive oneā€¦until then some words from a man further up that ladder to the light than i can be at the momentā€¦Peter Russellā€™s take on unconditional love from his waking up in time book,

Love is not something you do,
Love is a way of being.
And more than that.
It is simply being,
Being with another person, however they may be.
Holding no judgments, having no agendas,
No desire to control,
No need to prove your love,
No intrusion upon their soul.
Nothing but a total acceptance of their being,
Born of your acceptance of yours.

Unconditional love is not unconditional approval of anotherā€™ s actions, irrespective of their effects upon others. It is unconditional love of the being behind the action. It does not depend upon how a person thinks, feels, or behaves. It does not pause to assess whether or not another is worthy of affection. It recognizes that beneath all our various appearances and activities we all want to feel loved. In this we are all united.

Unconditional love recognizes that we are all to some extent, caught in the belief that our inner satisfaction is determined by what goes on around us. We all feel the need for security, control, recognition, approval, and stimulus to varying degrees, we all feel threatened from time to time by things that seem to stand in the way of our fulfillment; and we can all make mistakes

Does ā€œLoveā€ really have so much power.

that reminds me of Corinthians in the Bible where it says something like

Love knows all things, hopes all things believes all thingsā€¦Love never fails!

and I personally think thatā€™s such crock.
If Love never fails , divorces wouldnā€™t be so high. If Love knows all things, whatā€™s the purpose of going through heartbreak?; so that you know of it and can say hey" I was heartbroken once"ā€¦ :confused: perfect way to start a conversation I guessā€¦
and the thing that burns me most about that from the bible is that I still dont get a definition of love, and it basically says that in order to find love, you have to have faith.
I have had faith , so where is my share of the love pie, you know??.
[size=200]Love is subjective[/size]
Love is thing you when you do what you do to meā€¦
what theā€¦

life without love? christians would call that hellā€¦ :imp:

but to define love? that is truly tricky, all i would like to say is that we yearn for itā€¦