What is Nature?

An important question for this forum on Natural Sciences…

What is nature and does it exists? Is it a pure abstract (or philosophical) concept or it does really exist.

If Nature exists, then it must limites both spatially and chronologically.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this


I think, biologically and chemically (biologists, chemists anyone?) that would be the behavior, processes (including growth and decay), relations/interactions, kinds of things (including us) we find in the world. I suppose by “nature” we are referring to the universal description of our reality.

I suppose we can list what we think “nature” refers to. I already named some of it.

A list and an explanation should complete the picture.

nature is simply a word, a word with many uses and many meanings. These meanings can differ wildly depending on context. If somone says it’s human nature then it’s meaning refers to something that is inherant in all human behavoir. In that sense it is spoken of as a quiality or something making up the composition of what it is to be human. When somone says something like mother nature or nature reffering to the environment they generally mean things not man made.
You say if nature exists than it must have limits spatially and chronologically. I really have no idea what you mean by this and I think you should explain it further. Does love exist? does it have spatial and chronological limits? an idea can exist and not be something physical, it’s just not as simple as that. Again things come down to definition which can change with context.

by nature i mean either any system that i can exclude myself from.

humans are FROM nature
yet humans DISLIKE nature
for NO reason only SOME
of US do.