What is patriotism.

Hello everyone I live in India and I am 21 year old. What I want to question is that how you define patriotism. I personally believe that patriotism is a very subjective concept. I am an Indian, but genetically I cannot relate myself to the majority of Indian population…because I have more white genes than regular Indians. I look like a white…so racially I cannot be patriotic to the Indian gene pool. I consider race as an important determiner of patriotism. This leaves me with my culture, but even if I try to associate myself culturally to India, then also my culture or the culture of my “caste” does not relate totally with average Indians.

So what should I do, what should be my patriotism? I dont think that India is my everything. I need help on this. Although I love the way I was born and I have no bad feelings about it…but yet I do not call myself “Patriotic” to India.

What does evryone say? I feel that diversity and race-mixing leads to “schizoid” concepts and many contradictions, as is the case in India.


I thought about not replying to this post for a while, since it seems like a waste of time; but then I read the sig-line. Your signature line states you are “always in confusion.” The reason I’m replying is on the basis of intrigue. I recall reading about the history of India being one tumultuous event after another. I recall the ideation of racial catagorizing synonomous with culture and society to be a thing of the past. I thought the caste system was long abandoned! Your words clearly indicate otherwise, and more shockingly, that your color determines your patriotism? How quaint! If I knew what your IP address was, I would track it and see if it ended up somewhere else than India, because you’re words are vaguely similar to that of another defamed poster on this site.

So, if you are for real; stop being confused and get the ideation of race out of your head. There’s no such thing as race, and if the Indian government endorses such a thing, then this world is more backward-minded than I took it for. If indeed you are for real, then you need to learn that your color shouldn’t dictate who you are; only your actions! Whatever you do, let it reflect the cultural tradition of your ancestry!

Being Patriotic is giving complete loyalty to a country.

Patriotism is Tribalism in an overpopulated world.

Brother I am real, I live in India.

Brother if you come to India and stay with us then only you could feel what is my confusion, I do not discriminate with people, neither do I support racism, but I am really confused about my patriotism. Unfortunately the world is not color blind, people always discriminate and go by the differences among human races rather than similarities.

I thought that I would recieve a friendly replies to my post, but you got angry with me, why? I am really confused and my confusion has snatched my peace of mind.

I invite you to come to India and live with us, then you would realise everything about racial balance and racial struggle. Unfortunately this world was not created “equal” as you may think…differences and inequalities are the ultimate truth about this world, while equality is just an untrue phylosophy.


I guess it is subjectuve…then what in the world is not subjective?


Hello Renaissance203,

I’m white but born and bred in Africa. I live in London but I assure you, I am 100% African.


Patriotism is kind of like the mentality that goes along with a display.

IMO, it’s like the kind of outlook a frog has when it is “chirping”.

  • What frog thinks during mating call chirping:
    “Oh man, I really wanna fuck! Hear me roar!” ~Kermit the frog.

But let’s say that this is not a mating call, it is a terratorial call of the animal.

So it is a sense that the nation is your terratory, and you are proud of it, and will act as if you somehow own it. You’d be mad if someone messed with it, you’d be proud of it, you’d defend it, etc.

Patriotism is a sort of marriage to the state, and arrogance for nation instead of arrogance for self.

Now if you’ll excuse me I must go see what a wasp tastes like.

I am not angry with you, just having a difficult time accepting your words…and no offense, but unless you have some direct relation to me, I do not believe I am your brother. At best, you are an extremely distant cousin in terms of the human genepool.

Now, I really cannot honestly believe that the ideation of race is a determining factor in one’s patriotism. Unfortunately, I have not the funds to afford such a trip to your beautiful country in an attempt to verify your confusion. So I have an idea…

I want you to tell me about your country. Better yet, I want you to tell me what you love about your country. Tell me if you have any pride for your country. Tell me if you would die for your country. Speak of these things, and I may dismiss your confusion. Speak forth, and I will tell you if you are a patriot or not.

Speak no more of the ills of your nation; seek out the good in it.

I did mean cousin in calling you brother…and if you are so liberal then why are you discriminating with me? Does my calling you brother hurt you that much? Ok I wont call you brother…am I allowed to call you friend?

As the answer to the questions; I do not have any pride about my country, I do not have pride for anything…I think pride is a subjective concept, and all sorts of devotion are also subjective, so I do not conclude that I am “proud” about my country…I am not even proud to be a human. I consider all sort of devotion subjective.

Would I die for my country? Nope, unless I am obliged or if someone forces me to do so.

Now do you have any solution for my confusion friend?


What is a nation? Is it not “a common territory shared by people with common ancestry, genes, interests and culture” Then how would a country that incorporates diversity maintain its solidarity. Does not including diversity lead to disintegration of a nation? My country is a prime example of this phenomena…people in India have so many feuds and disputes with each other.

I still do not understand pride without including the role of ancestry and race in it…the definition appears incomplete without assigning the respective roles of race and common ancestry. For example I may have some pride about my country, but I have more concern regarding my ancestry with people like me, so there arises a contradiction of thinking…that is what happens in a “diverity”.

Please tell me if I am wrong, I just want to measure my emotions and thoughts regarding my state of being a human.


Please don’t take my words the wrong way. I would be happy to call you friend; however, I admit that my animosity towards the word “brother” was on the basis of religious relevance. Here in America, people who call others brother or sister are referring either to religious brotherhood or racial brotherhood. I put no stock in either. When you used the word “brother,” I took offense to it because of this.

I’m terribly sorry to hear that you have no good feelings for your country. Perhaps the only real solution for you is to find a country that you will feel comfortable living in. Is there such a country you would not mind being a part of? England perhaps? America even?

How would you feel if England still controlled India? What if the British Empire never pulled out? What if Ghandi never existed? Do you think things would be better for you if India were not an independant nation?

Patriotism is a means of control.

A patriot is both the guy defending a country, and the guy conquiring a country.

I see myself as being ‘patriotic’ to principles, not to a country I happened to be born in. I want to control were my loyalty lies and under what conditions. I don’t want it thrust on me by birth.

Being patriotic means being loyal and devoted to a country when it’s both right AND wrong. Patriotism is a form of bias.

It’s the antithesis of personal freedom and integrity. It is a nationalistic construct that’s more suited to state-based fascism or communism than it is to individual-based democracies.

Sure you can be proud of your country’s achievements – and you should be — but justifiable pride is not the same as a blind, jingoistic patriotism.

I suggest you create your own principles and demand your country lives up to them; not vice versa. That’s my definition of a real patriot

Then you have millions of people demanding that everyone else agree with them.

Patriotism is being proud of your country.

So does WWII count as one of those despicable accounts of patriotism?

Patriotism denotes positive attitudes by individuals to their own civic or political community, to its culture, its members, and to its interests.

You just contradicted yourself by making a hugely generalized statement by saying that all patriotism is jingoistic but justifiable pride is fine.

Let me ask you, did you feel patriotic the day that you saw people marching for illegal immigrants rights? Doesn’t the fact that we allow this to occur and that our main stream media gives it so much attention swell you chest with pride for the American way of life?

Yes. WWII is a perfect example of patriotism. The nazis were patriots, and fully convinced in their cause. Like I said before, patriotism is an invention of man used for control. To be more exact its an invention of leaders of men meant to control the followers.

First and foremost lets establish that we’re all the same species. Human. What little differences we have does not entitle us to gather up and fend off everybody else.
Patriots are the biggest supporters of the seperation of mankind.
Think about this: Who profits from a grouping of a people? The leader. Everyone else is subject to the same means of existence. That is working for the food they eat.

Patriotism is a mental state of being. But if you want to be a patriot be a patriot of the human race, not to a person.

Do you think that Americans’ patriotism and sacrifices on the homefront are such insignificant examples of patriotism that you completely forget about them or did you just choose not to mention it? Notice when I made my statement about WWII I didn’t intentionally leave out the part that could potentially damage my arguement, I merely left it open to interpretation.

Every life lost in WWII was a result of patriotism. There wasn’t a life that was justly lost and one that unjustly lost.

Hello F(r)iends,

There’s no such thing as race?
What about the human race?
What about the race to survive?

It’s you or it’s me; it’s life or death.
I choose life. I choose me.
That’s patriotism.
Be patriotic towards yourself.


I cand deduct from that statement that you don’t have any relatives who fought in WWII. The men who fought and died to end Nazism and Imperial Japan fought for a just cause and thus died justly.