What is real wealth?

I think the question boils down to: how important is money and when is enough enough? Also, of much concern to me is the operation of the scarcity principle on the psyche, to the point that for many, enough is never enough. Anyway, this article gives some scope to the issue, and yet I feel sure that each person needs to answer the question for him or herself.


I don’t find those conclusions surprising. I mean, maybe poorer societies simply demand less to be happy. The old glass half-full or half-empty. There might be a stronger sense of communal spirit because they’re all in the ‘same boat’ and neither won’t nor want to go anywhere else. Content with their lot. Whereas here one assumes that one’s own merit determines one’s own lot so the poor won’t be content with being poor because just maybe he can fight his way out and ‘make it’ - a.k.a. The American Dream and Social Mobility.

If there ever was an American Dream, which I am highly doubtful of, it’s definitely dead now. Anyway, it appears to me that happiness is relative to what you think is good enough. For some, nothing is ever enough; and for others, there is happiness in a smile or a beautiful bird singing, or noticing the trees on a walk and thinking of fractals. It’s all just a matter of perspective.

The American Dream was the culmination of the illusions and cultured allusions created by the media/corporations in the masses to encourage consumption, and consumerism at large. It is still pervasive today, and even though it might be slightly evolved to cope with the counter-culture influenced environment that has grown up either in spite of, as a result of, or simply coincidentally with thoses ideas in the sixties and seventies, it’s fundament is still unchanged and thriving.

I supposed it thrives as some sort of “Promised Land” archetype. If you manipulate it so that it becomes the land over the horizon, always advertised as the dreamy shangrila that can be achieved if you just do things the American way, meaning the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant way and work every damm day from can to can’t, you’ll get there. But to make people want it, you have to make them think it’s actually there, like the apple on the stick that keeps moving away just out of sight but ever so enticing.

This was most affectingly rendered in Steinbeck’s great novel, The Grapes of Wrath. Have you read it? When the Okies in the dust bowl were pushed off the land, they were given flyers showing California as the “land of milk and honey,” the Promised Land. But they got there only to find a world of lush green pastures with fruit they were paid five cents a bushel to pick that, when they ate it, caused nothing but the skitters, and they ended up in boxcars while flood waters rose up around them on a biblical scale. Nowadays it’s not the poor white farmers but the immigrants from south of the border who live this dream turned nightmare, and believe me, it is a horrible nightmare. But the owning class, the corporo-fascist globalists, and the politicians still like to pretend it’s a great American dream. It’s just excruciatingly sad to see people duped over and over again like this, but it has been ever thus and will be until there is some realization that there is no final frontier except that of your own mind and the fantasies created in it to make others rich.

It would be nice to know what the researchers decided was “happiness”, since the definition(s) would be culture dependent. But that aside, what is happiness for most people is having enough to survive. Food, clothing, and shelter is happiness in most of the world. Only in the industrialized nations is happiness more stuff. While industrialization brings many good things, it is driven by consumerism, which leaves us as donkeys reaching for that carrot on the end of the stick.

Another point that needs to be recognized is that both those who rule, and those who would like to rule use promises of the “better life”. The rich promote consumerism, but so too do the poverty stricken groups as a rallying call for change.

The capacity to know what we ought to be grateful for…and then being grateful for it.


but not time in order to make money.

just time.

when people say time is money, they forget that time is time before anything else.

so, give me the time.

this works wonders with time.

If you’ll stop chasing your tail, you may find that you have a lot of time…time has a way of standing still for us then. It serves us…but we need to discovfer this.

If someone asks you the time, look at your watch and tell them eternity.

reactions range from a punch in your face to the eternal glow in the eyes of the asker.

both are priceless.

I would stop my tail chasing ways, but I value my endurance. With enough time, the tail will start to chase me. Predictably, after I don’t want it.

I have a ton of time now. I’m tempted to post a video of the Rolling Stones performing “Time on my side” but I’m multi-tasking too many things right now, kidding.


Or you might simply ask them: “Why do you want to know”? Or “time to go home” and keep walking. Might get you the same reaction.

and eternity…is no time…it is timeless, outside of time, nano-bug.

inside time, I agree with you.


But I said outside of time. Why do you say inside?

Nope. Punch every time. Simple.

It sounds like nano is on E.

What is E?

It was a joke. It sounds like nano is on ecstasy.

:laughing: I did feel something.

Ecstasy too is outside of time. :laughing: