What is reason?

Is it an argument based on proven facts?


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So i’m assuming self evident facts or proven facts are required for there to be reason

What is your reason for assuming that?

No, just facts. You can reason from fallacious premises, or meaningless ones, it just doesn’t get you near the truth.

Most arguments are about premises, their justification and validity within reasoning.

i have another idea altogether

That reason depends on clarity

maybe it’s the other way around. maybe clarity depends on reason.

The reason i’m saying this is because since humans can become reasonable

it can be said that reason is a human trait

a psychological trait

and that reason is the the human need to clarify and clarified


Reason is the need to clarify and be clarified using all facts before coming to an argument

You hit the nail on the head.

I have another idea

That reasoning, including false reasoning, stems from the human need to be right and not wrong

But as somebody stated before, reasoning requires the right premise, but how can you be sure you have the right premise

somebody? who? you’re the only one I’ve seen say that.

my experience with reasonable people is that they have a need for clarity, and i’m beginning to wonder if that is the essence

or a need for only the needed essence of an argument

right, that’s saying that arguments are about premises, not that “reasoning requires the right premise.” those two statements aren’t the same thing.

anyway, i suppose clarity about the topic at hand is necessary to get anywhere in reasoning about it. you can’t very effectively reason about something you don’t clearly understand.

then can it be said that reasonable thinkers motivation is that

there thoughts be fully understood and that they understand fully the thoughts of others?

Which then is the basis of all reason, without which, reason cannot exists

clarity is a virtue, and your post was unclear my friend. would you try rewording that?

What I meant was that

'The psychological basis of all reasoning, is the human need to fully understand thoughts and the human need that their thoughts be fully understood