what is suffering?

I am indifferent to the possibilities that happen after death because I realize that the only important thing is that there cannot be suffering after death because all the suffering mankind has defined so far is a product of experience. If there is no suffering at death it would no longer matter (nor would there be a difference) between what form you take after death whether its nothingness, consciosuness, being, etc etc…

So what is the actual question on suffering that you wish to ask?

kirs, actually its more like ‘no suffering is really oneness’. If there is no suffering you have no suffering with even being the most foul piece of sh!t in existence (which of course would never really happen)… you are then at One with the universe at large. and No suffering itself is the only way to reach oneness and it looks like we are on a crash course with it.

I shouldn’t have made it a question.

What if there is a suffering mankind hasn’t defined after death? Since we haven’t experienced death we are unable to know about the suffering that occurs and it is a form of suffering we are ignorant of because it comes from a product not associated with experiences.

Dem, I doubt that. How can you suffer at all if you have no body or mind to store that suffering? and how can you suffer without an experience? Indeed it would have to be suffering yet undefined.

Because it is undefined your first premise is in question. So it needs to be better supported.