What is the difference between unit: h and unit : h =h/ 2pi?

What is the difference between unit: h and unit : ħ =h/ 2?
Many years M. Planck was attracted with the
absolutely black body problem.
If quantum of light moving with speed c=1 falls
in area of absolutely black body and does not
radiate back, then “ terminal dead “ comes.
In 1900 Planck decided:
to save the quantum of light from death is possible
that quantum of light will radiate with unit h=Et.
Physicists say, that Planck,s unit is one: h=1.
Having this unit h=1 quantum of light flies
with speed c=1.
In 1925 Goudsmit and Uhlenbeck decided that
Electron has its own unit : ħ =h /2pi.
Unit : h = h/ 2pi shows that electron has own
angular momentum ( own inner impulse).
Thanks to its own inner impulse electron
rotates around its diameter.
These units do not come from any
formulas or equation.
Planck, Goudsmit , Uhlenbeck and Bohr introduced
These units in the physics intuitively.
These units work, so they are recognized.

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