What is the greatest question?

Did god created himself?

umm i think that was answered by Thomas Aquinas, as he said that God was the “first cause” and God’s cause is God, that is what makes God, well Godlike, beyond everything, even beyond the causal laws of the universe. I believe the greatest question to be “What is the greatest question?” as without this question one would never know what the greatest question is, :laughing: lol or… would they? :wink:


Apparently, that is the stupidest question to be ever asked. More specific, the one whos asked it, the context in which it was asked, and the one it was addressed to render it a heap of utter uselesness… Poor Pilate, what a sad figure… he had no idea that a moment of blotted reason will go down in history among the few things he ever said…

Indeed, just think about it. What would you have had Jesus say, really ?.. That Pilate could have thought of such a thing to ask in such a moment shows distinctly that he had no eye for the Truth, and is in no case a model to follow. Sure, it might sem that Pilate is eager to learn, to find out, but the sole fact that he wishes to express his interest in such a manner reveals that Christ’s life made itself in no way understood to him. Christ had the pretension of being the truth, His life was meant to express Truth, this way making it unaccessible to those unwilling to notice it. The attitude to be taken towards Christ is either accept or deny His challenge, but by no means one should ask for details from the very one who you are to accede to. Asking Christ what is truth creates a confusion, for if Christ would have attempted to answer such a question he would have placed Himself in a position where He could not have vouched for the Truth of his existence. Imagine being asked if you are you. Christ exists only through faith. (Heh, it’s the Kierkegaard in me speaking…)

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The greatest question for doing what? There isn’t a single question which would be equally effective for every purpose.

I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as you seem to think it is, there are many criticisms of the cosmological argument. I’ll just mention two, but there are a whole host of them and a whole host of counter arguments. So… 1) What if the universe functions in a non-contingent manner? 2) What if causality is actually infinitely antecedent? These questions caste doubt on Aquinas’ cosmology or at the very least they need to be addressed.

So in short what I am trying to say is that it hasn’t been answered yet. This is why a question like “Did god created himself?” is still as important today as in Aquinas’ age. Also basic grammar, that’s important too.

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I disagree Mucius, Pilate was quite sharp to ask such a question at such a time. Jesus has the audacity to state that he “came into the world … to bear witness to the truth; and all who are on the side of truth listen to my voice,” the only reasonable question to ask is exactly what Pilate asks, “What is truth?” I don’t think he was asking out of curiosity but rather stating a rather profound expression of skepticism. Christ is making the claim that he/God is the truth! That’s a crazy claim in any age. Imagine today if someone were to tell you they were the truth… Would you not rightfully be skeptical and, if you are that type of person, engage this man as truth in a debate? I can’t imagine you would just put faith in this person claim, and those few who would are probably already in cults.

Let’s suggest that Christ was right to claim that he is the truth. I still think Pilate had something legitimate to say. I only hope I have a pair of balls like Pilate’s! If I’m wrong and there is a god, I’ll stare right in its giant single eye and ask on what authority does it claim to be the truth.

Hardly. God, by definition, cannot create himself. Humans can really only understand the concept of [a] “God” by thinking of “The Ultimate-of-Ultimate Supreme”. God is infintely Superior to everything else.

Define Him as anything less, and He is no longer God. I personally feel that language and human-comprehension does not allow for us to think of any concept that is greater or “more supreme” than the concept of “God”.

Just my humble opinions, anyways… :wink:

pre-God created God in his own image

sigh I know what he means. Tough question.

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“To be, or not to be. That is the question!”

One ultimate question per person please.

I never gave you guys may question yet. So, here it is:

It is all of the possible questions that could ever include the word, “Why”.

“Why”, is fundamentally, the basis and beginning of all philosophical reasoning.

just my 2 cents anyways… :wink:

Darn you, Old Gobbo! I just realized you had “stolen” my ultimate-question. I must have accidently overlooked it. Oh well. :wink: