What is the highest human potential?

Would it be the same as the highest self development? That is knowing that there is no self? Or mastering the self, fearlessness and full of wisdom.

That question can’t really be answered. The thing is, it is different in the eyes of EVERY person. A religious person may say that the highest possible potential would be to rise to the status of sainthood, or some such thing, as I am unfamiliar with most religions. Do you know what I mean? Not many people could agree what the “Highest achievable potential” is.

In MY opinion, the highest potential would be to completely understand human nature, and in such a way understand yourself completely, and understand everyone around you.

i dont’ believe that as people, any of us have reached to be fully human. As a person, being human IS the highest potential. Yet most of us have our primal instincts guiding a lot of our lives. I define a human to be a complete rational and logical being. None of us are really “humans” to the full extent, yet we do hold some humanity within us. When people let their instincts, desires and emotions dictate their life, they are more animal then human and vice versa.

Decentcy is the highest human potential , before reaching vauable goals.

to fully reach our potential, we must reach it physically as well and spiritually and mentally, which would also mean using 100 percent of our brain, which would enable us to trancend the boundaries of space and time, which would in turn make us divine beings, which means that it isn’t humanly possible to really reach our full potential. sorry dude.

I was just eager to know what do people think.
Or whether how do people feel about the question.

For the new comers : welcome.
For the ILP Legends, or old members: Goodbye. ( sorrie about my rudness, I jus cant help myself )