What is the meaning of one?

just one word produces infinite of thoughts

Just one good skill will help your independent life

just being one, is to be whole and complete, as others would say, but what will it produce? what effects will take place?

Then I ask what is the number zero, I said, you are nothing, nobody, with any good functions. perhaps just a thought, or a thing waiting to be something.

Then I ask what about the number 2 and beyond that. And I said , either it is absurd, or it is somewort of reward. Is it not that philosophy started with numbers, through the pythgorean way. Just one good question will have many unknown something. So tell me your understanding of this one one meaning.

I think that one is the awareness of something as itself. Suppose you are fully aware of your being, then that awareness would encompass all of your being, and hence be one.

the beauty of our beings as humans is that were are not entirly one.
our entire existence is based of a series of impulses and behavioral characteristic determed by a great deal of factors. It is damn near impossible to isolate one “thing” in a person with out having to juxtapose a dozen other “things” as well.

"just one word produces infinite of thoughts "

True in the physicallity of the word. it only is one word. But as humans we automatically link dozens of ideas to each word. It not that the actual word which is producing the thought. But the mulitple ideas behind that one word. A similarsubject was posted a bit earlier then this in refards to the one word “god”, and all the thoguht and notions derived from that one word. It not the physical word “God” which is influencing this “infinite thoughts” but all the aspects of subjects connected to that word.

“Then I ask what is the number zero, I said, you are nothing, nobody, with any good functions. perhaps just a thought, or a thing waiting to be something.”

Every ones a little nietzschian…ha

If you have one you have everything.

I thought I said this. What is the effects afterwards, and the people that would your path? What would they say?

what do you mean, for I can’t understand anything about Nietzhe, except that everyone tells us he was mad and does not believe in God.

How many ones? What kind of ones? Or what is one?

each one thing starts with one thing

there is only one - no more. You may think there are many, but no, they’re arn’t. Just one. If you hurt something else, you ultimatly hurt yourself. The problem is, is that you do not see it. God made it this way, I believe, because your soul grabbed the apple off the tree. #-o

many things makes a thing. Two couples for a child. Many atoms that make up that one figure.

all life starts from one single subatomic particle. then all living things become life, one thing,life.

all life starts with two different elements, then a reaction, then the single cell divides.

If a buddha comes along to the argument, he would say neither one nor many , being neutral to the argument and declares it is alll in the mind


-A verbal generalization denoting a hypothetical time/space point encompassed between the beginning and the end of a human thought and referring to an abstraction of the past.

-A theoretical, absolute, singularity existing outside time/space and denoting an end. Also known by other monikers, such as: God, Perfect, Ideal, Here, Now, Freedom etc.

-An arbitrary unity created in the mind as it perceives patterns and separates them from a chaotic/unknown/incomprehensible background.

it seems to me you know more than one meanings of defining “One”

I suppose the conclusion will be like this
as it seems when there is one there is many, when there is many there is one