What is the most philosophical cocktail and Why?

So, brother drinkers, what in y’alls opinion is the most “philosophical” Of the cocktails. By this I mean two things (and you can have two different answers, of course. I am lenient) 1. Which cocktail is best suited for the discussion of philosophy and the creation of philosophical dialogue and 2. which cocktail is in itself, the most representative of a Philosophical Idea or set of Ideas?

By the way, if you say wine or beer I want labels, countries, appelations - the specifics.
My answers
1 - Best suited for philosophy and discussion - the martini of course, but a well made one with gin and NO OLIVE JUICE!
2. the White Russian is the most philosophical Of all cocktails, for me, as it represents Fluid Dynamics at its best. From Fluid Dynamics, I derive complexity theory, emergent properties, and Deleuze’s Transcendent Empiricism. A close runner up is a shot of mine called “The Untimely Demise Of Papa Smurf”


I would say a ‘cement mixer’ is the most indicative of philosophy in terms of its physical properties.

1 part Lemon Vodka and 1 part Baileys the acidic lemon curdles the Baileys to leave you with a strange solid sphere of transmutation in your mouth.

The act of drinking this drink brings together the metaphysical concepts together with the physical sense data. For example the lemon vodka is clear, much like the elusive properties of the metaphysical but the hint of yellow from the lemon gives away its presence, such is the yellow we see when we enter into the ‘deeper’ questions - the transient tracers of introspective thought. The brown baileys is the physical world we experience, you see the brown liquid but there is the hint of that a priori alcohol.

Guinness stout. The only true drink for a philosopher.
It takes time, only the dedicated can drink it, and one stout
can last the whole night long.


The most philosophical Drink is cheap wine, no specifics just the cheapest in the shop. Why is that the most philosophical drink? Well for one it’s cheapness allows someone to balance their priorities, you spend less time working for the attainment of such product and thus can devote more time to philosophical inquiries. The harshness of the actually liquor symbolically represents the activity of philosophy, the striping away of all illusion till your left with the bitter reality of it all.


guiness is good though, especially with a hint of lime juice.

Peter has the correct answer: Guiness.

(Did you know beer can make you smarter? It made Bud wiser.)

Actually I had a teacher who claimed water was the proper drink for an animal,
milk for a child,
and wine for a grown man – i think, since it has complex flavors to consider.

I will make a list of my favourite liquors and drinks by topic… not all are cocktails as I rarely drink cocktails.

  1. Politics - scotch
  2. Religion - red wine
  3. Capitalism/Economics/Workplace issues - beer
  4. Cricket - gin and tonic
  5. Existential questions - martinis of all varieties
  6. Language/Meaning - screwdrivers (because you don’t the vodka is there till you’ve had seven)


A good cup of Hemlock :smiley:

Warmed, with marshmallows?

Mind eraser, representative of the re-evaluation of all values. But, if we aren’t strict that it be a cocktail, Peter is, indeed, correct. Somehow I knew he’d get this one right.


faust: Mind eraser, representative of the re-evaluation of all values. But, if we aren’t strict that it be a cocktail, Peter is, indeed, correct. Somehow I knew he’d get this one right. "

K: I swear to you, totally a lucky guess. Really. Honestly, a
lucky guess. :laughing:


Peter - based upon your extensive reading, no doubt. I will add that a sip of Jameson’s from time to time enhances the philosophical effects of Guiness.

Consider, if you will, though (back to mixed drinks) the Egghead - vodka, OJ and an egg. Blender drink. Just FYI, the nonalcohol version is usually called the Smart Head. Don’t order a Virgin Head - that’s just something totally different.

Every man is entitled to a glass of wine.

Keep in mind, though, that after you have drunk a glass of wine, you become a different man. Which, as to the rule, is entitled too to a glass of wine.

And so forth.

well the most “philosophical” of the cocktails is of course the Molotov…

…burn baby burn…


Wouldn’t that have been the most theistic drink?



A Long Island iced tea is like a survey course in world religions. We’re starting with the Far East. You get Hinduism. You get Taoism. You get Buddhism, Confucianism. We get Zoroastrianism. (Did you know Zoroastrians consider dogs the equal of men? I know I do.) Then you get Islam…and the sweet twins of Judaism and Christianity. Then we come, voilà , to the lone contribution of Western Civilization… the Coca-Cola. And bubble it all together…

Voilà . Long Island iced tea.