What is the penalty for apostasy in Islam?


Richard Dawkins: What is the penalty for apostasy?
Muslim preacher: prejudical views blah blah
Richard Dawkins: (again) What is the penalty for apostasy? What do you teach the children will happen to them if they give up the Muslim faith?
Muslim preacher: w-w-well l-le-let’s th-the debate b-back into Britain

So… what IS the penalty for apostasy in Islam? Just curious… is it… perhaps… death? Nah. That would be silly. No religion is as backwards oriented and cruel as to punish people with death simply for not being convinced in the existence of a non existing being. Silly me, it can’t be death… or can it?

That’s not really the point. It’s not about believing in God. You are punished with death for not believing in Islam.


No. The God of the Muslims is the same as the God of the Jews and Christians. Yet converting to Christianity will get you killed. It’s really about accepting Mohammed as the prophet and in fact, one particular interpretation of his message.

Islam is very much like Christianity was in the Middle Ages. They are 600 years behind in development.

No it isn’t. I’d agree that it derived from the same idea, but Muslims changed the idea a little bit to their own will.


That’s basically what I said. Muslims got their idea from Jews and Christians and changed it a little bit.

I am a little more concerned that Christians in Brazil believe wearing thongs and shaving their nether regions is part of their religion.

But then again, maybe there is a difference between cultural views and religious views that I am failing to recognize.

Let me get this straight. Unless the Muslims worship a God which is exactly the same in every way, as for example the Jewish God, then it’s a different God?
Two different Gods told Abraham to sacrifice Issac. What a coincidence.

Errm, yes. Why are you talking as if it was something odd or controversial?

Unless some other person is exactly the same as me in every way it’s a different person. That person could be very similar, but not different.

You see, the primary problem with Gods is that none of them exist so it’s not that easy to tell a difference from only what you’ve read about them.

Well, yeah. Because it suggests some of these possibilities:
If someone describes me as having long hair and someone else says that I have short hair, then they are each talking about two different people?
If I get a haircut, then I’m a different person?
If someone says that I did something and someone else says that I did something else, then they are talking about two different people?
They might be : both right, both wrong, or one wrong and the other right.

All three religions claim that this God asked Abraham to sacrifice Issac.

I was told in some of the islamic states, if you leave the religion to a new one they don’t just kill you but also your family.


phyllo yeah, you can’t have long hair and short hair at the same time so they can’t be right, likewise, both holy books can’t be right. But they can both be wrong.

I don’t know much about Islam. That’s partially why I made this thread. I know however that Allah supposedly made man out of water while Yahweh did it out of dust on the ground. But whatever, that’s not the point of this thread.

The holy books were not written at the same time. Islam claims that it is the final revelation and it corrects the mistaken accounts of the Jews and Christians.

That’s pretty hilarious. This is one of the reasons why atheism is more prevalent in the West and not other portions of the world.

If one goes purely by the view of Prophet Momammed only, there is not much physical penalty for apostascy, except abondoned from Muslim community. It is considered as a Shirk (crime) as many others so that the culprit has to leave and live saperately but his right to faith and live as he likes must be honered.

One can find these illustrations in Sunnah (examples) ad Hatiths ( ruling ) in Quran.

Having said that, it is the duty of the wise Musim scholars to get him back to the left community by arguing the merits. Prophet Mohammed respcted the rights of all minorities, incuding who opted for aptostascy, and allowed then to live in his very rule.

Of course, this does not apply on blind followers of him, who do have any remeady for apostascy but to kill, much like Chiristianity.

Contrary to the general perception, Jewism and Christianity, are not seen as against Islam (in Islam), but merely incomplete in comparison. Islam is considered as the complete and most compresensive religion as Prophet Mohammed is cosidered the last Prophet that the mankind is going to have ever ( in Abrahamic context ). Thus, his verdicts must be final and overrule all he previous ones.

Though, the Hinduism consideres that last one would be Kalki, which means Eternity (time), White Horse or Destroyer of Filth. He would be the final one from the list of Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu.

For those, who do not know, Lord Buddha is considered the ninth Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

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