What is the productive thing to do while eating?

I have wondered about this question for a while now; simply eating seems a bit of a waste of time to me, since you just sit down for fifteen minutes to gobble down mundane food. If I have company this is not a problem, or if I’m out for expensive dinners, where I can focus on the taste of food. I used to read a lot while eating, but this reduces the efficiency of both tasks, as well as being messy and leaving stains all over my books. Currently I’m entertaining myself by watching television while eating, but that requires ordering take-outs, which can be inconvenient and can’t be used all the time. I have tried listening to podcasts outside, but the general noise level makes it impossible to listen closely without blasting my ears deaf.

So, what do you guys do while eating? Have you found some way to use your munch time efficiently? As a side note, do you find that you think better while eating?

Pooping while eating works out ok and its funny because you can think of your food as going straight to the toilet.

I was once in a meditation course where we had to totally experience eating one raisin. We had to think about taste, texture, movement, absolutely every aspect of just eating. It took about 5 minutes to eat that raisin. Very interesting. You should try it. It’s the Zen idea of being in the present moment, no matter what you are doing.

This is the superior answer so far.


Now, reading and posting on ILP while eating. Quite productive, I’d say. :wink:

I’m always mostly at my laptop while I eat… two things at once, as eating by itself does seem a waste of good time - if not, then I’m usually watching an enthralling program on TV whilst eating.

Reading while eating.