What is the purpose of technological progress?

What are we trying to achieve and go?
Don’t we already have all the technology we need?
Has not all useful technology already been invented?
Can you imagine useful technology that has not yet been invented?

Onward and upward.

Explain your answers.

I don’t see that there is much purpose beyond necessity of the moment.

I could also see a teleportation device as being useful. or a holodeck.

The goal is control of all aspects of the world society, including outside influences like the weather. The benifits of such technology are always showcased, while the negatives (much of it being psychological damage) are swept under the rug.

I’m in the minority with this viewpoint, that is why control via tech “advances” is inevitable. As evolution would see it, we will either be wiped out, or play a submissive role to machines.

Technology is ushered in as a Paradise of the future, ignoring the hidden agenda of control.

You didn’t say “please”.

Quoted for truth.

Compare that to:

–Charles H. Duell, director of the U.S. Patent office, 1899.

  1. Comfortable, easy living; knowledge, dominance, power; eternal
    and enhanced life.
  2. Need for what? There are infinite needs uncatered for.
  3. See 3), changing “need” for “useful”.
  4. Of course, can´t you?

Technology is a conquest of intelligence, and mastery of our world and ourselves. Dangerous? Probably. But if man is by nature a curious animal, we may be in deep shit.

Life without technology is pretty dangerous.

And yes - hand tools for farming, bows, arrows and flint knives are all examples of technology.

Well, technology makes things easier. Compare the internet to having to go to the library every time you wanted some information.

It’s all about us being lazy.

I guess there are different dangers in scale and magnitude: the greater the technology, the greater the catastophe.

Humanity could have further developed their sense of personal social responsability and tempered their system. But the social conflicts (particularly nihilism and fascism) would possibly not be reconciled.

In the past, civilizations that finally did prosper and gain harmony seemed to die almost instantly by plague. Athens, prime example. Something about spartan suffering keeps us rugged, I guess.

Technology cheapens the progress of human socialization. We seem to have lost our chance at proving our social merit by itself. We’ve started believing machines will do it all for us. If we abandone machines, someone will use it against us. So there’s no way but forward- good or not so good.

If we could create sustainable prosperity without technology, we would probably soon find shortly after that a comet kills us all when we have no countermeasure.

The sooner we become independant of one asteroid, the more chance we can survive, the more chance we can kill ourselves with absurd authorities.

Technology is about to reach a point which I think one could consider a true paradigm shift- which is a literal sort of panspermia. One which our survival in the universe depends on.

A probe can be designed to reach a distant planet (or an orbit), use the available energy to incubate other life forms, those life forms use the probe’s technology to adapt themselves to the climate. An asteroidal egg.

Some of our civilizations will probably destroy themselves, relying on these little pods to remain as their legacy should that happen. Thus begins a new type of “selfish technology” like “selfish dna.” Maybe human society is not really the ends to our technological means. Maybe our technology is the means to distribute life elsewhere in whatever form.

I’m starting to sound like a cult leader. Who wants to join?

When I heard they would be making the Matrix movie into a trilogy, I thought great, this will truly influence people into thinking about the future of technology.

Now, I realize that people were hungrier for the special effects, saying things like, yeah, so people become slaves in a virtual world, big deal, did you see Neo dodge that bullet, that was amazing!

This is about evolution. The two questions are . . . do we like where we are headed? and . . . could we do anything to change the course, if we didn’t like the shape of the future?

You’d think technology would make us more free and make life easier. We are more free to rely on technology, that’s all. Plus it costs you more.
Technology makes work easier so society just gives you more work.

All of the kids love blackberries, etc…that’s dandy, until you get in the work world and it’s merely a tool to allow employers to expect more results.
Technology during private time is great. You just are getting less and less of it.