What is the relationship between science and technology?

Is technology is the "daughter" of science?

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  • no
  • Technology has nothing to do with science
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I wonder…

What is the relationship between science and technology?

If we define technology as the “Know-How” or the art of doing things, then do you think then that there is a relationship between science and technology? As some wrote, do you think technology is the “daughter” of science? Does technology need science to evolve? If this is the case then technical knowledge is similar to scientific knowledge.

Any thoughts?

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Technology is knowledge put to use. Science is but one way to obtain knowledge, not all of which are useful or put to use.

science and technology… scientists and engineers.

scientists make facts, engineers make artifacts.

without one the other is pretty mcuh impossible… and vice versa.

without various artifacts science is impossible… engineering decisions are allways deeply embedded in science… latour’s “science in action” is an excellent account of this… for instance examples of how unravelling dna was contingent on various computer design decisions related to the fincancial priorities of various engineering departments…

and without closed boxes, stable engineering standards for various technologies, the stability of a scientific fact (ie the double helix) is often unthinkable… try demonstrating the double helix without certain key pieces of specialist technology (tautologicaly designed to display double helixes lol… it’s like a kantian aprioiri epistemic condition except its inside a machine… that’s why tachnology is so incredibly vital to our sicetific knowledge in many cases… it IS our scientific knowledge… amchines that translate phenomena into physical representations on screens or paper etc…)

and obviously without stable scietific facts it is vry difficult to create artifacts… try designing something without knowing any science…

Technology existed before science … eg stone tools, bows and arrows, etc …

Technological innovations often directly echo scientific advancements. For example the steam engine came directly as a result of Newton’s theory. Electricity came as a result of Maxwell’s equations, modern electronics came after quantum mechanics.

even primitive tools require a certain primordial rational faculty and experimentation to create them. Intuitive understanding of basic physical concepts is often needed. But the idea that technology is the daughter of science is of course most directly applicable nowadays.

historically, electricity came before maxwell. franklin for one was playing with thunderbolts and such. and edison definitely didnt understand maxwell.