what is the right thing!!!!!damnit!

I just wanna do the right thing with my life…
but what is the right thing god damn it!!!??

certainty? undertanty?
submission 4 a greater cause? or anarchy and creativity?
what i ought to do acording to ‘authority’? or what i want to do?
be careful or go with my feelings?

omg…life is so weird…my life has me in such a weird position right now…:frowning:

If I had an answer to that I’d write my own philosophy book. :slight_smile:

My advice would be to not get caught up in using false dichotomies in your determining of your actions. And use spell checkers.

That’s a bit mean.

Lucifer, I would say that you should do what makes you happy.

Edit: I say Lucifer because your name (heavenly_demonic) reminds me of him.

my oppinion is simple on this, if it feels right then do it, if it dosent then don’t, regardless of what others beleive we act with what we know, myself and you included. and even if someone claims to know what is right they are no more likely than you to truly know.

Just as knowing what you do now you are likely to ignore what I say simply because it does not feel right for you.


You keep saying that.

According to scientific nihilism, there is no right and no wrong. So you could do anything or you could do nothing, it doesn’t matter.

But this is only the moral right and wrong.

According to the philosophy of Thelema (= “will” in Greek), you should do what you will.

All will is will to power; but in order to will to power, you must have the power to will.

“There is in fact only one Magical Operation of whose propriety we may always be sure; and that is the increase of our sum of Energy. It is even indiscreet to try to specify the kind of Energy required, and worse to consider any particular purpose. Energy being increased, Nature will herself supply clarity: our Vision is obscure only because our Energy is deficient. For Energy is the Substance of the Universe. When it is adequate, we are in no doubt as to how to employ it; witness the evident case of the will of the Adolescent. It is also to be well noted that moral obstruction to the right use of this Energy cause at once the most hideous deformations of character, and determine the gravest lesions of the nervous system.”
[Aleister Crowley, Little Essays toward Truth, Energy.]

Perhaps you should find yourself a Spanish translation of this work; for it is pretty dense English.

You have yet to find your Holy Guardian Angel.


I have found one of the Little Essays in Spanish:

magicktherion.bravehost.com/ … stidad.htm

“La castidad puede, de este modo, ser definida como la estricta observancia del Juramento Mágico; es decir, a la Luz de la Ley de Thelema, devoción absoluta y perfecta al Santo Ángel Guardián y prosecución exclusiva del Camino de la Verdadera Voluntad.”

When you say you want to “do the right thing” does that mean you want to do whats right for others, for yourself, or for the government, or for God, or what? “Right and Wrong” is just a mental construct that we have invented so that we know how to judge an action. There is not end all beat all “right” thing to do. The “right” action seems to be just what you should do that makes the most people happy (if not the most important people to you happy). There’s no intrinsic “rightness” to an action.

Figure out what you want to accomplish first, then determine what you want to do. The “right” thing to do would be what ever brings that accomplishment to life. Now, whether it is morally right or not is a totally different thing. The morality comes from the nature of the thing you are trying to accomplish and your options for getting there. Very rarely will you find a situation in which NO ONE will disagree. If you wanted to eliminate STDs from the world, you would be offending the person that is trying to give them to people (if such a person existed). Which is moraly worse: offending someone with a cause, or inflicting that unwanted cause on people? If you say the latter is morally worse then it sounds like Moral actions sound like they constitute any action that a majority favors. Morality is thusly highly subjective.

I suggest committing a criminal act and then turning yourself in to the authorities, this way someone else can make all your decisions for you. That’s what you want isn’t it? :laughing:

Ps: Just don’t hurt anyone.

Who is this aimed at?

Sorry, I was talking to myself again.