What is the true purpose of living a human life on Earth?

I believe that we are having too much trouble with the English language to communicate.

you should try writing more than nonsense.


The pesky limitations of language are always a hindrance.

I hate to miss the rare occasion to agree.

But Sophist8569 happens to be right in that one.

You mean, you have missed the purport of my demonstrations, but when I lay it out plainly, you see the big picture.

Emm… no. But since you are going to go on about it, what I really meant was more along the lines of;

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

Well then, this is your lucky day.

It’s plainly acknowledged that all existence is united, that one perceives all beings as oneself. In that there is no delusion. The hindrance lies in man’s assumption that there is a purpose to life other than that which is physiologically and biologically operating in the body already. Obviously, for an intellectual assumption to become true, abilities in thinking, reasoning and understanding in combination with wide knowledge must be developed. This persistence and constant use of thought to seek out a purpose is the obstacle. The purpose is found when the deliberate search is gone. The insistence that there has to be something more purposeful to life than whatever it is that is happening at the moment is the beginning of the delusion, psychosis, deception, or whatever you want to call it.

I think it has something to do with love.

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What difference does it make? If you want to live, do you have any other life?

Because the cost of taxi fare to the nearest rock in space is a bit too expensive at the moment.

Then there is the other approach, sex change operations have become more or less common place, but it might be a while before we can change species. Then, look at all the flack about that, ducks being required to pay taxes and all. And when someone says, go frill a duck, you simply go home to your wife. Or being called a Quack becomes an honored expression. Oh, the possibilities.

But then there are the pitfalls. No longer will it be true that if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, can we infer that it is a duck. After all, a mirror sometimes does tell lies. In short, appearance is not the reality.

I have always found it interesting that we as mankind are always franticly looking for a greater purpose for our lives. I guess that is because we are a life form that knows it’s existence is not lasting. And that fact goes against the code of life, ‘‘keep living at all cost’’.

This is my current view on my purpose, take everything with a grain of salt because I am going to ramble a bit, these are just my brain farts. In the past I used to think I was here so my soul could experience things to learn and become stronger for some afterlife, but then I realized I could only really think and experience and be, because I have a brain, in a way I am my brain. so how could I be in a afterlife without a brain that holds everything I am.

Nowadays I like to think that the true purpose of every creature in the universe is to maintain life and all it’s glory. We will serve our purpose if we want to or not just by instinct and living. And once we served our purpose we make room for change and stop being. life needs constant change badly, the universe is always in motion and nothing in it lasts. If life does not adapt it will succumb to the universe. So to bring change life is reproducing, fighting and feeding upon itself just to maintain existence in some form.

That sounded really harsh but isn’t it a wonder to be a part of life, just by living you are all that it stands for. I really believe in the fearsome determination of life, it is the most awesome unstoppable power in the universe. All life on earth likely started from one creature, how it got there I don’t know or really care. But I like to think it was a one cell organism that had the ability to reproduce by splitting. If that is true then the power of that single celled creature and the life it stood for started everything alive we know today and it’s essence is represented in all of us. perhaps the will to live was granted to us by that single celled organism. I like to think that because I see that power and beauty in every creature.

I personally need no greater purpose or a ever lasting soul, ill honour life by being till my watch is over. not being isn’t that bad, I can’t say the eternities before I came to be in this chaotic universe were unpleasant at all. Being brings suffering so not being is our salvation that we fear.