What is the worse job you ever had?


as for me, im that giant inflatable quiznos cup

drain cleaner

you have to spend all day hearding turds
your knee’s go out
your back goes out
and you hope you’ve made enough money smelling other peoples shit to pay for the procedures to fix your back and knee’s enough so that you can live “ok”

Golf Course (I don’t golf)

13 yrs old working for a vet. I got to clean up after surgeries and everything else. Sewers back up and I must clean up feces, urine, rotting blood etc… I got to be the one that holds the animal when a lethal injection is given to put it out of its misery, then clean up its feces and urine once it relaxes and dies. I got to be the one that says good bye instead of the family that brought that innocent creature. It was the worst job I ever had but it gave me so much once I was old enough to understand. I hate it ,but now, I am grateful for having had it. You see
I also learned medicine to help, which helps me now with the multiple kids I have. I paid a price for certain lessons and now my four legged kids benefit.

It’s not a job that I have ever had, but consider this: someone must occasionally have to clean the peep show booth in an adult bookstore/theater. :astonished:

I used to flat with a girl who worked as a mistress in an S & M parlour. She told me they got their cleaning done for free.

Apparently a little, middle aged man would come around daily to be humiliated and abused (as one does) so they got him to do the cleaning while abusing him.

He was yelled at and whipped until he cleaned everything then kicked out. Since he didn’t want sex, they never charged him. It was a win / win and they all lived happily ever after. :laughing:

So, with a little creative thinking, even a peep show establishment could be spotless.

Bangkok is full of dodgy massage parlours designed for the Thai men, and the ladies who clean the rooms (it’s common practice to leave contraceptive and other ‘tools’ on the floor or bed, don’t ask how I know) after guests have had their ‘massage’ generally get paid about 15 - 25 baht per hour. There’s about 68 baht to the pound…

By comparison my worst jobs have been bloody paradise.

“Baht”? What does that equal in real money? :wink:

did you hear about the sailor from bangkok?

he bought his yacht for beaucoup baht


Ethically, my job as an escort-service driver/bodyguard.

I also worked on a dairy-farm when I was fifteen. My job was to feed the calves and scrap the manuer from the cattle runs. I wore hip waders, of course, because I was thigh high in bullshit. The manuer was pushed into a channel drain system that carried it into a pond where it was filtered and degraded.


the cup is starting to seem better and better.

Technically, the worst ‘job’ I held was as a stock boy in the frozen foods department of a grocery store. As if stocking shelves for eight hours isn’t bad enough, but to do it with half-frozen hands … totally sucked. Quit after two weeks.

However, I must say the single worst ‘work’ I’ve done is roofing (i.e. re-shingling a house). I never had the pleasure of doing a job with several guys (which may have made the experience better). No, it was just me and this one other guy; so the job took all friggin’ day (by ‘all day’ I mean, yeah, like 16 hours), in 90-degree heat. Ugh. And, of course, even after you’re ‘done’, you have to clean up. Oh, it was the worst. Thankfully, I’ve never had to do it since. Though I dread the day … I suspect it shall return.

Consider yourself blessed. Roofers are one of the hardest breeds of proletariat, next to the framers and steel-workers. Men aren’t made much tougher than that. Course some might look tough, but you and I know better.

this was my first encounter with ruffians…

this is actual footage from 146 in clifton park home of yromemtnatsisrep