What is Wisdom?

This a helluva question. I am confused. I don’t know. I really don’t know. What does ILP think?

Some synthesis of propositional knowledge, practical knowledge and common sense

Whatever constitutes wisdom is what allows you to navigate the world more successfully than others. That’s generlly how I see it.

I think that a truly wise person would know that a successful navigation of the world is something that must be shared. Otherwise, what would be the point of wisdom?

wisest thing i’ve read from you mr cheeze

This is good, cheegster. Let’s test the degree to which your definition fits our understanding of what wisdom is. Do you think it is ever the case that wisdom negatively affects one’s ability to navigate the world?

Why is that?

I wouldn’t think so, really. The wiser you are, the more likely to know in any given situation what is the best action to take.

People think Socrates was wise because he thought about the world in an innovative way, examining various different concepts and exposing them. I suppose it might not always be useful practially, but it would help.


Jesus saves. Moses invests.


You cant have your cake and eat it too(also).


wisdom is learning when to keep your mouth shut-----------

i cant keep my mouth shut. who are the wise leaders that are now living.

WHAT IS WISDOM---------------


"know what you know,

and know what you dont know,

that is wisdom indeed".

it would seem that competition is more prominent than cooperation.
are powerful dominant persons the wisest-----

Wisdom is experience.

is this site ILP for the love of wisdom

or the love of arguing.
i would ARGUE that there is more heat than light.

And I would argue that you can’t have one without the other.

jonquil–how about having more light than heat. you are right about both being present. your argument sheds light.

There is wisdom there.

Wisdom is the art of not making the same mistake twice. Or thrice, etc.

Well, I’m not so sure about wisdom but the beginning of it may be everything which you just uttered here…you may stop at the last question. No, I’m only kidding there is wisdom in ilp.

I suppose that, off the top of my head, I would say that wisdom is ‘following through’, acting upon that which we think/feel/sense to be true and beneficial, based on reason/logic/heart and spirit. But even there, we might get into some trouble…if wisdom is capable of being as ‘subjective’ as the truth we think we see, at times, ‘acting upon’ may not be beneficial.

I suppose that wisdom can be a slippery slope that still one must slide down carefully - because I think that to have wisdom is to intuit and understand that we do not always know and understand, so wisdom is both cautious and at the same time courageous. Wisdom and truth must be kissing cousins.