What is worth knowing in life?

I’m writing a paper for one of my classes, and I need some perspectives on what is worth knowing in life. Feel free to elaborate as much as possible, and share any relevant personal experiences.

knowing that knowledge is impossible

but holding whatever opinion you like…


“Know thyself”

A truism perhaps, but I think it’s rather important knowledge, makes things a lot easier :smiley: .

Maybe I’m just a prick, but the most usefull knowledge I’ve been able to uptain is percicely why X is wrong. X being any old theory about anything. Haveing the stock reply to the top five opinions on any given deep philosophical subject will prevent one from constantly getting tossed about by the opinions around them. It creats a sort of quite peace unless you cast yourself in some sort of evangelical role where you think you can help others that don’t come to you, but belive me that’s a mistake.

That being said I’d like some actuall positive knowledge. Instead of just knowing the hole in all ethical theories, frex, I’d like to know which one is correct. Of course, this is likely impossible. There seems to be a sort of unity of the philosophical branches. For instance it seems I couldn’t really know the correct ethical theory, without first haveing a good grasp on the correct philosophy of language. Our beiliefs do seem to be in some sort of Quineian spider-web, and I doubt I could Know anything without Knowing everything. (Notice the captials.) And knowing everything seems impossible as I will never know the last thing Ceaser said to his mother.

Hope that helps. Any questions?

Ah, yes, one must know all to know anything.

Perhaps I should already prepare a response for my paper along the lines of “Know thyself enough to realize that you don’t know anything, and that you will never know anything, but at the same time form any opinion you like based upon what you don’t know and can never know.”

Does that work?

What is worth knowing in life is why you are alive.
All else are details.