What is your concise definition of love?

I confess that I sometimes feel the love even in the scientific determinism from witnessing some floating leaves, and I say:

'Oh… Science is nothing but a poem which is for modulate myself to live the life which is just an instrument to achieve the end of Art which means realizing oneself and again, a pure illusion.

But what is it?
What is the meaning of science, poem, life, art, and oneself?
Is a meaning nothing but a justification of an existence?
What is it means that meaning has the meaning?
What is the meaning of the meaning?
Does the meaning has any meaning by itself?
If not, then what is the ‘a priori’ of the meaning
which represented as the meaning?
We all want to do some meaningfull things which has meaning, function, or purpose.
Then what is the end of an existence’s function or purpose?
Does the existence comes from its own purpose, or does the purpose selected by the existence to justify its own existence?
Even so, what is it which has to be there and which could be represented as the purpose?

I cannot understand anything… I don’t know even why 1+1=2…
I don’t know even who I am…
I am sure that I am the most stupid man in the whole world…
I want to understand something, but before understand something, let me ask this first; what is the desire to understand for?
If the desires come from my being itself, then what is being, and what is death?
First and foremost, what is what? who is who? where is where? why there’s why?

Even if there is no meaning on science, poem, life, art, and oneself, I will live my life, because all those words are the representations which encountered on my path to be the reliable one who will not need those outer reliable things.

Even I know there’s no destination of this path, though it is yet too painful to walk my path without knowing the destination. Even if it is too painful to live, I will be always walking, because the path is right infront of me and because the path where I am walking on is the, the destination at that moment, and the moment is everything. The destination will be choosen by me, but not I am choosen by the destination!

Yes, I will kindly choose my destination.
For that, I need the final form of question before I persue it.
‘What is love’ is not-yet-final form of question but I pretty sure this is one of the most fundemantal forms of the question.

What is your concise definition of love?

Love: The sensation that drawing closer will help you to recover wholeness.

love is the generalisation of the concept that more alcohol will take care of the morning-after-party sickness.

love is the illusion we invented to give ourselves a reason to keep living.

people kill themselves for love too, you know ? so how does that work

not exactly, thats for ‘lack of love’.

ehh ? you ever read romeo and juliette ?

couple of silly kids that couldn’t bear to live without their ‘one true love’?
whats your point?

Love is our very being. The other person is a reflection of that love so that we can know what we are.


ooo how dare you look down on the guys that actually SOLD the entire love crap ? it’s like looking down at vespasian while defining the toilet.

A zero score in tennis? Sorry, I want to, but I can’t get into the tenderness factor this week. :unamused:

A sure-fired, concise answer for all? The feeling one has for their children. Other kinds of love have a sense of oneness, some a sense of joy or even friendship. Concise? Can’t do it.

(Liquid, had I known of your gentle, angelic spirit, I would never had made that inappropriate crack about your avatar… I won’t go into detail again.)

ok so they made pretty goode marketeers, dosen’t make them good lovers.

oh get the fuck out, ever saw anyone who done it talking about it ?

defnitions are for marketeers.

lord Byron?

Back to the actual topic and the question at hand, I think love is your feeling and display of affection towards another thing for its kinship, attractive qualities (this being the one that applies to inanimate objects.), or underlying oneness.

,lord byron was in love with noone above himself

blade, how does your definition distinguish love and lust ? or do all the fans actually love jenna ?

aren we not all in the end in love with ourselves? a mother sees her reflection and future in her child and so on.

Because for one, they do not feel affectionate for her kinship or her underlying oneness, and two they do not show affection for her at all, they show the raw passion of desire we come to know as lust.

blade, i think that’s rather arbitrary. how do you presume to know what they feel and on what you judge what they show ? you said attractive qualities, boobs are qualities, turns out they are atractive too, that’s that.

chetery, parents who see theyr offsrping as their chance at the future really deserve what they get.