What is your Epistemology?

What is your Epistemology? What I mean is, “What do you hold as the primary basis for your personal beliefs?”

Some of you may view science as being the end-all-be-all for explaining & proving everything.

Or perhaps you view truth (and thus, many scientific principles) as being relative…in this case, you are your own basis for your beliefs.

My Epistemelogy:
The basis for my beliefs is my Religion (Christianity), in combination with general “common sense/rationality”.

What about you? :wink:

Alcohol. :laughing:

Er, my beliefs? I thought you said 'relationships." Okay- science, I guess.:wink:

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What I meant was, “What do you hold as the basis for knowledge?”

There really is no “right” answer to this question, but answers might be “Science”, “Rational thinking”, “religious beliefs”, etc. :wink:

I guess perhaps this isn’t the best place for what I loosely call “humor.” :laughing: I would have to say science, at this point. I’m a bit of a lapsed philosopher, hence my reading more than posting. Years ago I studied philosophy assiduously, but became a bit disillusioned by the “futility” of wisdom, if you will, and it’s apparent impracticallity. I originally convinced myself that I like philosophy because it was the highest science, the one that provided context and guidance for the rest. Eventually I had to concede I probably just liked it because there isn’t much math. :wink: I got a bit cynical, even became a bit of a nihilist, truth be told. Science has held me in thrall, especially theoritical physics and astronomy (not that I can claim much understanding of the math parts).

I’m trying to reconnect with philosophy and get back in the game a bit, so to speak. This sites been a lot of fun so far. If I get to flippant, just smack me with a rolled up newspaper. Hey, this stuff is supposed to be fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Logic BMW-Guy

I don’t have any beliefs whatsover. Beliefs are a product of the self, and cause seperation, and conflict between you and the world, you and your fellow man. How many wars has religion caused? and are still fought today? How many billions have died, and how many more will die due to the belief in ones country, nationalism?

So I have no bases to structure my thought.

…sounds kinda like what Karl Marx said when he was thinking-up his ideas for Communism.

Ironically, I personally feel that we all have personal beilefs about many things. At the very least, you must take a neutral stance on issues. Indifference to beilfs is, itself, a belief.

…just my humble thoughts…erm…beliefs :wink: :wink:

about the same as you, christianity/common sense. also i tend to understand a hell of a lot about human nature, cause i’ve spent like years studying people’s body language, emotions, etc.

ah, it is allways nice to know that I’m not alone in my thoughts. Are you a Medical doctor, by any chance? just curious… :wink:

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(but became a bit disillusioned by the “futility” of wisdom) Phaedrus

I too believe that too much of wisdom comes from cowardness…atleast this is what the notion of popular Wisdom makes me feel…may be we should take things head on once in a while…I have recently read Thus Spoke Zarathustra on the advice of fellow ILPian “Carfe Dog” and someshere in it Nietzsche said the same thing about Wisdom and Cowardness.

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Well, what I meant was: I hold many of my religious beliefs, in addition to plain old common sense, to be the basis by which I “judge” other beliefs.

For instance: If you say, “BMW, you should believe that the I am in alien.”, I would use my common sense tp preety much deduce that you were inccorect.

On the otherhand, if you say: “BMW, Jesus never was the Son of God.”, I would have to fall back upon my religious presuppositions in order to be able to state that I felt you were incorrect.

While I certainly do not mean to lessen the validity that I feel my religious beliefs have, I’d be lying to you if I told you that it was purely by general common-sense that I used to figure out that Jesus is God’s Son.

However, If I use my religious pressupositions in conjunction with common sense, I believe I have a “winning-duo” to serve as my basis for knowledge. :wink:

My epistemology? Well, I believe the grounding of all experience lies in a subject-object relationship between myself and Other. All that is experienced is through that primary relationship between my self and the outside world.

I think science is an impressive way of looking at the world. It is intimately involved in technology, which I love. My problem with science is that it attempts objectivity, I think the closest thing to objectivity would be an indepth study of as many perspectives as possible, including a scientific one.

I don’t think things are relative (where truth is privately held and there is no shared valuations) but I don’t believe in absolute univeral Truth independent of perspective. The grounding isn’t in the individual but the relation between the individual and the outside world. Truth is always conditions by this relationship.

hmmmm… Did you go to the Ronald Reagan school of marxist studies? :wink: If you’d like to start a little critique of Marx’s “thinking-up his ideas for communism,” I think we could have a little fun.

Good man! It’s allways nice to hear the phrase “No, I don’t believe truth is relative”.

You seem to have a pretty good grasp of your own thinking-process.

Well, I honestly was not saying this as a slam again Marix of his ideas. However, if you would like to disscuss Communism or Marxism or whatever, please feel free to start a thread, and I’ll happily join in. :slight_smile:

Well communism in theory is perfect right :wink: “indifference to beliefs is itself a belief”, yeah true, but I’m not talking about not believing in belief. For instance if I say I don’t believe in god, then that is a belief. But if I don’t concern myself with it either way then its not. If I don’t believe there is a god, yet I don’t believe there is not a god either, then concerning god I have no belief. There is no belief in a state of awareness. So if one is not indifferent to belief, but merly does not concern oneself with believing in anything, and allow natural awareness to govern action, then there is no belief.

Experience, knowledge, logic and common sense.

the only thing anybody should ever use to gain knowledge is inductive reasoning. that means you look at what has happened in the past and the effects that were caused right?

so recreate the causes that [b]observably[/b] led to good effects. if you cant see or think of why something is good, then definetely dont do it. if you trust what a priest or dubya says, you are just saying that you dont care about finding out if its true.

if what they say leads to the slightest bit of bad, then dont ever consider doing it simply because you trust them. actually… i suppose its possible that if you arent so smart, youd be better off trusting someone smarter. im not familiar with that.

also, common sense is over rated. if you want to know how to treat normal people and manipulate them, then you need common sense. in all other applications, it is useless and creates MTV loving sheep.

i really DO believe that crap i say about the omnisoul and how god manipulates the universe so that selflessness exists. why the hell not!? the bible!? which makes more sense? which wants you to waste time on not causing observable effects? thats what i define ‘sense’ as, not which one is better at making me trust their authority with their sparkly objects.

Good point, Rounder. I think I see what you mean to say…

I agree with you when you say that there is no belief in a state of awareness. And I do think that this applies to all of us on many issues. But wouldn’t such issues have to be the issues that are less easily remembered? After all, if we “dwell” in thought on an issue for any length of time, we are bound to subconsciencely form some kind of opinion about eventually, correct?

Someone who isn’t sure whether god exists or not, at the very least, has formed an “opinion of indifference” concerning the issue of god’s existance, correct?

Just my 2 cents. :wink:

I came to the conclusion that after having said, “I am”, everything else is a construct. As to the why’s I’m agnostic. The questions of why I am and why am I here? can only be answered, “I don’t know.” Not only do I not know, I cannot know. I am thrown back upon myself.

As for the construct, I suppose you would call me a pragmatist, if labels really mean anything. This does not deny the metaphysical possibilities because there is an intuitive emotional awareness that it’s likely that there is something much larger than me at work in all of this. But awareness does not equal ‘knowing’ anything. I refuse to be so arrogant as to say I ‘know’ God, anymore than I can say that there isn’t a God.

And so here I am, stuck with myself.


But at least you have just admitted that you do, in fact, take a position on the issue of God’s existence — namely, you take the position of uncertainity.

The position of uncertainity, in my humble opinion, trancends merely just having a “state of awareness”. You know and recognize what you believe — which is that you believe that God may or may not exist.

Am I correct in what I said? I don’t want to misrepresent you… :confused: :wink: