what is your favorite poll choice?

what is your favorite poll choice?

  • this one
  • other (please specify)
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I predict that everyone will pick “other” because ILPers always pick “other” so that they can feel like they are unique, original thinkers who don’t fit into the preconceived categories of a poll.


Me too.

Me three :smiley:

I wish I would’ve read that before voting.

Now I feel left out.

I change my vote to “other” so I can be trendy too.

I don’t tend to give answers to polls.

Wasn’t Heraclitus who said stuff like that ?

Ooh, your sooo trendy, Koifer :wink:

Wow. A girl is talking to me. This truly is amazing. I must be trendy!!!

I always aim to please…

You know…he just may have. I got it from a play called “The Bald Soprano” by Eugene Ionesco.

Maybe I’ll give this Heraclitus fella a read.

i would never vote in a poll which allowed someone like me participate

You’re making me blush.

Sorry :slight_smile: but I had fun…

Lets do it again sometime…

I picked the one in the middle, but I thought we were on deal or no deal