What is your imagination like?

Recently (in the last couple minutes) I’ve been thinking about imagination and wondering if other people have similar imaginations to mine. Here’s some things I note about my imagination and in general my “mind life”:

  1. I can never make myself “see” things just by imagining or thinking about them; however I can make myself hear music that isn’t playing, especially if I’ve been playing a single song a lot recently (this requires a white-noisy environment, as though my brain is “picking out” the song’s sounds from the general noise).
  2. Imagined images are very difficult to keep “in the mind”; I don’t think they last more than a couple tenths of a second. Nevertheless they seem to be “objects” during that short time which can be manipulated and played around with, or associated to other just-as-ephemeral objects.
  3. By contrast it’s very easy for me to say things to myself in my mind, and somehow they sound very much like “real speech” even though I’m not hearing anything.
  4. Of course during dreams things are much more vivid and long-lasting.

Can you say anything about your imagination? What is it like? How long-lasting and vivid are the images/sounds/etc? How similar are they to ordinary perceptions? I’ll record my observations here if you will…

This is more of a question of How does your imagination operate.

My imagination is rather tactile. I “feel” things more than see them or hear them. Kind of the same way that you can feel the presense of someone who is standing behind you.

My visualizations are very weak. Like seeing things in a very dark room with very little light. I can feel their presence but I can hardly see them. They are indistinct, shadowy and dull.

I also can hear my voice distinctly in my imagination and can change the volume of it to some degree.

My dreams have the same indistinct visualizations.

I like the phrasing in terms of operation better as well.

I didn’t even think about ‘tactile’ imaginations. Now that I think of it, I can definitely imagine the feeling of many different things vividly.

I can imagine systems and movements of simple things like points and curves very easily (perhaps a result/cause of my mathematical interest/training) but it’s difficult for me to imagine real-world spatial movement, like walking through a room. It would have to be highly simplified, like an old 3D computer game.

My imagination fucking rules

everything I see I immediately think humor… like someone says something and a skit will play in my mind.

Lots of inner dialogue… alot of loose connections

for example:

“Hey Jones, have you seen Kevin?”

“Hey remember Kevin’s older brother Buzz from Home Alone? I lost it when he played the candles on Kevin’s head in the school choir… um… what were we talking about again?”

I also tend to think in puns.

I think there is such a thing as “spatial intelligence”: there are people, like architects or draftsmen, who by just looking at a blueprint of a building, can imagine seeing the building already erected in 3D and can manipulate around that image. Fascinating.

Then, I once read an account of a six year old girl who was always sitting quietly in one corner of her classroom, not very outgoing, but always busy making sketches. Her teacher looked at her sketches and saw drawings (or sketches) of a chicken depicted in many different angles. Like a 3D. Without an actual model of a chicken it would be very difficult to re-construct the image, all true-to-its angles and proportions.

I write novels, so imagination is key. I tend to think of places, settings, in terms of the TV shows, movies, newspapers, and so on rather than the buildings and fashions.

I imagine sex a lot, but tend to imagine it visually. Apparently this is more common among males.

I’m almost completely visual, I can walk through buildings I’ve been in in my mind, with reasonable clarity, great at faces, though they swim a bit if I don’t know them well, see the roads I’ve travelled unspool in the imagination. Like everyone so far - I can play music in my head and hear my wife’s or my own voice easily. Can’t imagine in the tactile or taste.

I’ve always had a ridiculously good memory, despite my best efforts to dull in with drink and other substances, perhaps imagination is something pretty much connected with memory…? An ability to summon pictures etc., and to recall things connected, however tenuously, with the phrase/topic at hand (Like Gobbo’s punning ability - I think in puns too, unsurprisingly), perhaps the better your memory, the more links trail off from the present into the past, and give you more options with which to create an original reply, original at least in that you have blended more bits and pieces, which though obscure, still have bearing/implication.

Guilty as well lol.

I love my imagination.

I can quite easily visualise things, but they never have much detail. Like a page with writting, I will see it but won’t be able to make out words.

I can play whole songs in my head, or if i have been playing a game like for example sonic, I will hear the sound of the rings being picked up very vividly.

Touch is strange, I often imagine things feeling very different to what they do, often better.

The weird thing is when I am very tired and trying to go to sleep I see all types of very random images which I have no control over (not dreams as my brain is still thinking about things).