What is your IQ?

What is your IQ and how do you know?

Mine is 122. I took a 3 hour test which my doctor administered.

Mine’s like a million or something like that. My mom told me when I was a kid.

The most recent professionally administered IQ test I have taken was 5 years ago and I score a 163.

So close, so close.

The three questions inspiring the greatest lies are;

  1. “Do you love me?”
  2. “Where is my money?”
  3. “What is your IQ?” (as if it means anything of importance)

Well said nameless, for once.

It’s in the mail.

Agree, I personally believe that the concept of intelligence only makes sense deployed as an adverb, not as a objective, independent concept.

That said, I happen to know my IQ, I just don’t care

I avoid IQ tests, they tend to use up my daily brain capacity. :astonished:

my I.q is quite high, but I.Q’s only denote a certain type of skill. not only that they are highly biased.

When i’m stoned and bored i sometimes look for free online IQ tests. sometimes i score ridiculously high but on the more realistic and credible tests my stoned I.Q averages at about 140.

Perhaps finding and accepting an IQ is the same as ‘accepting/adopting/believing/identifying with’ the definitions that others form of you.
It is self-limiting bondage to accept another’s definitions of you. You suddenly accept that you are incapable of ‘genius’ because some idiot declares that you are of average intelligence? Do you begin to live an ‘average’ life from there-on-in? Many doctors will not get their cholestrol checked for this very reason. It isn’t ‘high’ till some fukking ‘expert/authority’ tells you what’s what!? Don’t fall for it! Most are so ‘fallen’ for the ‘definitions’ of others that they now identify with those definitions and will fight to support and validate such!

I failed the last IQ test I took (long time ago).
Go figure…



:laughing: =D> :laughing:
d0rky, I think you could safely double that. At the very least. :wink:

I lied. Mine is 179.

Don’t forget…

How old are you?
Do you think I’m pretty?
Will we get married some day?

I so totally agree with you here, nameless. ](*,)

:unamused: :unamused:

the tezts dunt lye.

Does no one love nameless to include him in on the joke?
What is the meaning of the above symbol?

…mine is high too, and I don’t think that IQ scores are meaningless on the whole, but they add to the bigger picture of the person in question… :wink:

Stupid is as stupid does.