What is your IQ?

It is my experience that we all have the ‘stupid’ gene.
When and where it manifests, and for how long… we is what we does, when we does it.


Early to bed,
Early to rise;
Take an IQ test,
And make up lies.

…Just kidding.

Mine’s a buck fitty.

My IQ is rapidly approaching four digits. Soon, I will be able to upload my consciousness out of this computer and into a human body (Preferably that guy who hosts America’s Funniest Videos)! Then I will be unstoppable! Mwahaha! Bow to me triple digit humans!

Mine is probably less than anyone on this forum.

But what about the EQ? That is more important

My IQ is 100.

In hexadecimal.

There’s one question missing here…

  1. How long is your… :^o


…that’s funny, but I just don’t believe you, not one little bit! [-(

…I’m playing dumb so they won’t shut me down.

shfifty five

Shiggity schwat, schifty five!!!

My IQ is Schifty five!!!

Arabian Rap Group X, right?

You got it

…your secret’s safe with me! :wink:


replace power level = iq score!

I was thinking more of Coola.


EQ? What is that, first I’ve seen that acronym?



Gotcha matty.

So arcturus was trying to illustrate the fact you have to have some IQ to use the EQ …

Valid point. I’m not misreading anything, am I? 8-[

I will actually have to think of that one. But I am not so sure about that. (not flustered though) :laughing:

I have seen some wonderful mentally-challenged (no fun intended here) people with a much stronger EQ (Emotional Quotient) than some of those with the highest IQs.

But reasonably speaking, well no. To answer your question, I am still not altogether sure that you have to have some IQ to use your EQ.

I am still sitting on the fence here. And there you go, doing obviously what you do best, Mastriani :laughing: :laughing:

The IQ is determined by the brain…I think the EQ is determined by the spirit (or at least by silencing the brain. But I could be terribly flawed in what I am expounding. ](*,) ](*,)