What is your opinion on Wealth disparities?

Wealth inequality will never be corrected, and it is not possible to correct it. The main reason is the fact that there are rulers and those who are ruled, another reason is the fact that there are different cultures, different mentalaities, different interests, and so on (don’t forget the multiple possibilities of the rulers to display or sidestep all that). So egalitarianism leads to even more inequality, especially in the long run. But there is one possibility I have not mentioned yet: If the number of a society is small enough, then there is a chance to correct inequality, at least in a bearable sense. So the larger the inhabitant number of a social unit the higher the inequality degree within it. But this is true only if those tiny units are left alone and not “eaten” by the big units, especially the biggest unit (e.g.: the current “world society”); and the big „societies“ and especially the biggest „society“ are always hungry.


[size=109]Is it[/size] [size=200]true[/size] [size=109]that[/size] [size=140]one out of five children of the US go to bed hungry[/size][size=200]?[/size]