What is your philosophy of sex?

Sex should be an event that involves three persons. The husband, the wife, and G-d blessing the union with His Spirit. It should be a spiritual event.

The sex act should be based not on self pleasure, but that each partner seeks to please the other until the others fulfillment.

Sex must be adventurous but it must not ever degrade ones self or the spouse.

Sex must always be with consent.

Sex is good and should be performed regularly and should only be withheld with the consent of the spouse for a short period of time in order to fast.

Sex should be private but not hidden. It is not a shameful thing to have sex it is wrong to do so in view of others.

Sex should be practiced with open eyes caressing the others body and often focusing on the others eyes.

Sex should involve all the senses; sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing as far as a person has ability.

Sex should be loving, never done out of hate, resentment, frustration, or out of jealousy. Before beginning the sexual union get right with each other and G-d, forgive one another then explore each other.

Why are there so many “shoulds” involved about something which is so natural?
When you are “making love” - I’ll be an inferior female here lol - are you so focused on these Nine Commandments?

If god is not part of the sex act, does it become degrading? I’m not saying that this is what you’re saying, but why does god have to enter into the equation?

Why are you trying to raise a very natural human act - well, animals do it too, to the status of something sacred and so altruistic? I rather think that if it is ONLY the other’s pleasure that one is seeking, although truly one has to seek to fulfull the other too, to be a good, giving, attentive lover, something will be missing and will remain missing afterwards.

Sex is such a good way to not give a fuck about anything else except what you’re doing, in the focus of the moment you have to please both yourself and your partner because it is the same thing. Somehow it becomes the same.

Seed got a way of getting back.