What is your religion?

I am 16 and completely lost. I am not sure what I beleive, I need some help. At times I think I am an atheist, others I think I am agnostic. I have also thought of myself as unitarian universalist. I am confused, can you please point in me in some direction… any direction. I would like to know your religion and a little about it.

just make sure you don’t go occult, because, then come the drugs, living on the street, then come the sucking dick for drugs, then come the, well whatever comes after that.
your safest bet is a cult of fundamentalist mormans like bob, though, they don’t call it a cult. you just have to make yourself believe that crap. talk to bob.

Read and try to live ethically, suffer, but with compassion. You have a lot to learn and understand.
Read The Torah, Read The Bible and The Quran. Read Philosophy and Literature.
God Bless You!!

Arif Aziz

i wouldn’t recommend taking on a particular religion. it limits the range of thoughts and opinions you can have. it also makes it “ok” for you to judge others, which i think is an unhealthy and negative pattern of behavior. i went to catholic schools most of my life (including college) and i’m technically a confirmed catholic. but i don’t play that game anymore AT ALL.

find your own way, read Nietzsche’s “Thus Spake Zarathustra” and learn how to “be your own spiritual boss”. (don’t stop there. actually, don’t ever stop learning/reading/thinking/ADVANCING.)

good luck jessica! :sunglasses:

at 16 there is no need to choose a religion… i think it would probably be a mistake to give up on any spiritual life at this point, but that is just my opinion… i am a catholic, in a somewhat loose sense of the word… i am one of those “non-practicing” peoples… in some ways starting with one religion is helpful because you can go through and really look critically at it…

in your question you are probably already making a mistake…don’t look to someone else for what basically comes down to a relationship with God (if you do indeed go toward theism)… first off, this is a personal thing, second most people are absolutely terrible representations of whatever religion they are…the worst are those who like to “preach” about their religion (and inevitably give people horribly wrong conceptions)…

i can offer some help if you have specific questions, i can share some about catholicism, and i could certainly give you a few books to read for general Christian inspiration… i am not tryin to convert you to Christianity, it is just simply that my background of knowledge is primarily in Christian thought…

some interesting authors who went through the same questions as you (and who went through periods of atheism perhaps agnosticism and christianity) are C.S. Lewis (he didn’t just write the Narnia series) and Dostoevsky… Brothers Karamazov is a great book to read as it gives pictures of some very divergent views on life and religion

Hi Jessica,
My religion is no religion. In my opinion and from my studies, religions all over the world have done much more harm then good and have impeded great progress toward the aim of finding harmony between humankind and nature. That’s not to say there aren’t good sides to religion, I think there are, I am simply saying that I believe there are more bad things than good.

If you are not sure what you are or what you believe in the context of religion or faith, I would simply say only one thing “Don’t feel as though you have to know the answer, don’t feel as though you have to hold a view and stick to it.” If you really care about the topic you will devote the time to researching it both externally through books and people, as well as, researching it internally through introspection (looking inside yourself), thought process along with feeling acquisition. I’ve found that the greatest answer in my life were attained when my thoughts went along with my emotions = right action (most of the time).

I do feel I should say some things in response to the other posters as well:

Monooq, I disagree with you most vehemently in regards to the occult. I have been studying religion my whole life and some of the most interesting things I have read were from a book called ‘The Three Books of Occult Philosophy’ by Henry Cornelius Agrippa. I don’t do drugs, I live in a well-to-do household and family, and I do not trade or sell my body for anything.

Azizarif, very well said though I’m not sure we are going down the same direction. Jessica, I agree with Azizarif that you should read about as many religious books as possible (the three he mentioned will tend to lead you in one direction), but do also try buddhism and others. But don’t do it because you feel you have to because you feel you have to have an opinion. Only read what you feel like reading when you gut tells you to. A very wise man once told me “listen to your body” and it is some of the greatest pieces of wisdom I have ever received.

DarkMagus, you are leading her down a direction of starting her own religion or having her own unique beliefs away from a particular religion. But what if that is what she wants most? You shouldn’t limit her either way. But you do bring up a good point, it’s possible to be religious or to hold your own view of God that is unique and different from any particular reliigion or different from anything you may have heard.

AnImaginaryMan, what in the name of Bruce Springstein brought you to such unquestionable knowledge and arrogance that you can say “At 16 there is no need to choose a religion”? Who do you think you are God? You think you hold the answers? Is there a specific age you are 100% sure of in which a person HAS A NEED TO CHOOSE A RELIGION? Moreover, is religion only to be chosen when you NEED it? Is religion just something you take from and give nothing back?

Lastly, you say she probably already made a mistake by looking to someone else for religious inclination. Isn’t she looking to someone no matter what she does? Whether she goes to a book, a person, or a society? The point is that we have to look to others at some point, the real point is to be able to look to as many people, books, and sources as possible and still be able to make your own decision according to your own will, feelings, and aspirations.

What’s your take?

Gadfly…first off…fuck off

i was simply tryin to say that at 16 feelings of confusion and being lost, questioning things are all very normal… there is no need to be discouraged by this or feel like you HAVE TO MAKE A DECISION RIGHT NOW

that was my point… to take the time to find something that actually fit, and not give into the despair of never finding any answers… basically, at 16, there is time yet, don’t get too stressed…

sigh… my apologies, from now on i will be incredibly explicit in what I mean instead of trying to give someone some support and keep them away from the pitfalls of believing that you need all the answers right now…

you sicken me. occult is by definition an affliction of the mentally unstable and those with degenerative diseases in the brain. may i?
once an occult belief becomes held reasonably it becomes either a philosophy or a science. perfectly respectable speculative matters in philosophy are a far cry from the elaborate castles build on nothing in occult matters. you have in occult a very detailed map of things that simply don’t exist. auras, astral projection, tarot… all bullshit. its like walking off the plank. the next step is drugs and prostitution.

interesting, nonsense.

tisk tisk, the swearing is saved for the Rant Forum, not the Religion forum. But I do expect people in the Religion forum to get emotional.

You said:

I still don’t understand this thing about people. Why is it that when a person does one thing, but meant to do another, they think that what they have actually done shouldn’t matter? What you said was “At 16 there is no need to choose a religion”, now what you meant with that and what those words mean can be two different things, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that you wrote what you wrote. It is WRONG to say that at 16 there is no need to choose a religion. Furthermore, I didn’t argue that you said she had to make a decision right now, I argued that you said that at 16 she didn’t need to choose a religion. When you do make absurd claims like this one, you need to back it up with something, you need to explain a little more, you need to consider the readers and the fact that they are not mind readers and may need a little more elaboration. I do this all the time, and I do it in such a way as to not make anyone feel like they are less than me or somehow not as smart as me.

This second post from you is WHOLLY different from the previous one. It appears that what you wrote previously and what you meant were two totally different things. But since you are capable of explaining, as you now have, why didn’t you do this originally? I could answer this for you if you would like.

You said you were Catholic!?!
Well by the grace of heaven where did you learn to speak to people in this manner…“Gadfly…first off…fuck off”, you know you did say something about a certain type of religious person, I only now realized you were speaking about yourself…“most people are absolutely terrible representations of whatever religion they are…the worst are those who like to “preach” about their religion (and inevitably give people horribly wrong conceptions)…”, I must say that you are a terrible representation of Catholism, funny thing is that you preached about your religion and you gave a horribly wrong conception of a view.

You said:

Well great, I just wish it didn’t have to take all of that.

You said:

The assumption behind this statement being that you have all the answers now? Or did you mean this in another way as well?

What’s your take?

Monooq stated:

Yes Monooq, it’s because I am speaking occult the definition of which is reaching out of the monitor at you and afflicting you with a mentally unstable and degenerative disease into your brain…so don’t even read my posts. Buyer beware! Ah…I mean…Reader Beware!

Allow me to spread more of my delusions and disease by pointing you to two definitions of the occult that you can find at dictionary.com

  1. Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena.
  2. Beyond the realm of human comprehension; inscrutable.

According to these definitions, and according to many years of research into religions I will say that ALL religions are occult. This is for the reason that all religions deal with some supernatural ability, event, or phenomena. Furthermore, all religions claim that their supreme being (s) are partially or wholly incomprehensible by humans.

Now we will go back to what you said:

If your logic were correct it would mean that all religious people are on their way or are already doing drugs, living on the street and sucking dick for drugs (I have never heard of a women sucking dick for drugs, but maybe you have more experience with that than I).

Monooq stated:

What exactly do you know, or think you know, about the occult? Name some sources to your great and profound knowledge.

Monooq stated:

I know lots of people that have done or still do believe in auras, astral projection, and tarot. I myself have done Tarot and it was incredibly accurate in predictin my past and present situation. I have read a book on auras, and although I wasn’t convinced of auras, there were many things which were of great value in the book. Astral Projection, now I’m not sure exactly what you mean by that, could you elaborate a little?

What makes you so sure there aren’t auras or that the future cannot be predicted? What if science in another 50 years shows that it is possible? If believing in auras, astral projection, and tarot is bullshit and is like walking off the plank, then so is religion (according to your logic). Isn’t making yourself believe in this, as you call it bullshit, the same as making yourself believe in this fundamentalist mormon religion you advocate to Jessica?

What’s your take?

why is it wrong to say at 16 there is no need to choose a religion? how is that statement intrinsically different than what i said in my second post? i don’t think that at age 16 there is any need to sit down and decide on a religion (i don’t think you should get married at 16 either and i would argue that they are similar commitments)… in the second post i simply explained a little more on why, at 16, there is no need [or rush] to choose a religion…

Please explain for me the differences in my posts? where was i inconsistent? Where did i change my views? i’m sorry, but i can’t read your mind here

as for speaking to people, i don’t find your comment about unquestionable knowledge and arrogance any less offense or unjustified than my rather cruder version

and as for being a good example of Catholicism… of course i am not, never said i was, i am mean and arrogant… at the same time i think my annoyance with you was caused by the simple fact that i was tryin to be helpful… honestly this type of confusion is very close to me and i have experienced the terrible consequences which can come of this kind of confusion and i had attempted to express (though perhaps too succinctly) the lack of a need to feel pressure to decide on things right now at age 16… i was annoyed that my desire to aid someone else to avoid the pitfalls of despair and confusion was taken as arrogance while the rest of the post was ignored

as to preaching, i must ask if we are talking about the same thing… i fail to see where i preached about Catholicism at all… in fact i really didn;t say much about Catholicism except that I am not a practicing one and that i would be happy to share more about the religion if she had specific questions…What exactly is preachy about that??

And as for your final question, why exactly would you assume that by saying you do not need all the answers now, I am saying I have them now? honestly there isn’t much which should lead you to believe that I mean that except perhaps an assumption that everything that comes out of my mouth is somehow arrogant. I most certainly don’t have all the answers, and i don’t think i ever will. Honestly i can’t say that I have any of the answers, though i hope i do. How exactly is tryin to impart upon someone else that this is a long process and that there are problems in tryin to figure out everything at once saying that I have figured out everything? Honestly i don’t see your logic there

Rather quoting from an Islamic website or any pro-Islam source have look for an objective view on Islam. I must state that Islam is a rational and complete religion (which encompase all aspects of life). I will qoute from the following article from wikipedia.org:

Islam (Arabic: الإسلام) is the latest (c. 622 CE) of the three major world religions whose basis is Abrahamic monotheism (along with Christianity and Judaism). With over 1.3 billion adherents worldwide, Muslims believe that Islam was revealed by God to all his messengers including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and finally Muhammad, the last Prophet of this line. Followers of Islam are known as Muslims.

Perhaps the most succinct and clear statement of Muslim belief is to be found in the shahaadatan (Arabic for ‘two statements’): La ilaha illallah, wa Muhammadan rasulullah - “There is no God but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God”. One needs to recite these statements to become a Muslim. So, technically, it requires only few seconds to become a Muslim. The other pillars of Islam all refer to rituals rather than faith.

While Muhammad is the prophet who delivered the message of the Quran that defines Islam (submission), muslims are required by the Quran to make no distinction between the messengers that God has sent to guide mankind.

The fundamental concept in Islam is the unity of God. This monotheism is absolute and not relative or pluralistic in any sense of the word. God is described in the Quran as being the uncaused cause of all that exists and that nothing is comparable to Him.

Rather than being a new religion as compared to Judaism and Christianity, Islam is seen by its followers to represent the essence of belief of all the messengers sent by God to mankind. The Quran is thus seen to codify the final and complete system of God to mankind for all time.

The cornerstone of Islamic faith is a strict belief in monotheism, the belief in one God. God is considered one and without an equal. Every chapter of the Qur’an (except for two) begins with “In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful”. God describes Himself in Sura al-Ikhlas, (chapter 112): “Say: He is God The One, God The Eternal. He never begot, nor was begotten. There is none comparable to Him.” He is also known in Arabic as Allah, a contraction of “al-ilah” or “the deity”. “Allah” thus translates to “God” in English

The Five Pillars of Islam are five basic duties of muslims:

* the recitation and acceptance of the Creed (Shahada)
* daily prayer (Salat or Salah)
* paying ritual alms (Zakat or Zakah)
* observing the fast of Ramadan (Saum or Siyam)
* making the pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj or Haj)

Islam assigns Jews and Christians (and certain other, smaller, religions) the status of ‘People of the Book’ on the basis of their monotheism, and their beliefs about God and the world. This status is based on several passages from the Qur’an that say how Christians, Jews, and Muslims share common scripture, morals, and prophets. Muslims believe that the ‘People of the Book’ should be allowed to live in peace.

One verse of the Qur’an says “God forbids you not, with regards to those who fight you not for [your] faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them; for God loveth those who are just.” (Qur’an, 60:8), which is interpreted as a clear admonition not to be disrespectful or unkind to non-Muslims. According to a hadith, Muhammad said to his people “The one who murders a dhimmi(non-Muslim under protection of the state) will not smell the fragrance of Paradise, even if its smell was forty years travelling distance” [Sahih Ahmed].


is your post in response to mine and are you trying to argue that Islam is not occult, or are you simply just speaking to everyone in general about Islam?

Just generaly, introduce Islam to others.

ImaginaryMan asked:

Because there may be a need to chose a religion, or she may feel within her a need to choose one. The general point is YOU can’t know whether there is or is not a need to choose a religion. There could be political, religious, or personal factors that cause a 16 yr old to need to choose a religion (whether that is right or wrong is another story). Furthermore, there may be a level of need present in all 16 year olds lives in choosing a religion, due to friends, society, propaganda, literature, influence, family or what have you. To say there is NO NEED, is to suggest that a 16 year old shouldn’t even bother with such a topic, which could be harmful because a 16 yr old may wish to delve into the topic.

You asked:

I have great patience but questions like these piss me off. All you need to do is look at the two posts, don’t waste my time. I have to explain to YOU how your posts were different, come on man. Fine…

In your second post you said


In your second post you said:

These words are wholly different from saying THERE IS NO NEED TO CHOOSE A RELIGION AT 16

In your second post you said:

none of this is anywhere in your first post. In your first post you say nothing about not getting stressed, you say nothing about not giving into despair other than religious people giving wrong conceptions.

Not only do you totally switch your views, not only are you rude and arrogant, but then you don’t even put in the fucking time to see how your own fucking posts are different and instead you decide, hey, I can simply put it on him, and you say “explain to me how my posts are different”. If somehow the wording was similar, i would understand, but your posts are wholly different. If you can’t explain in words what you mean, don’t write, or atleast if you’re going to write and then be questioned on it cause you’re not actually explaining what you mean don’t take a fit like a two year old child. Most importantly, don’t go wasting other peoples time.

You said:

Ah! Here we are back at your first post again. In your first post you said a similar statement THERE IS NO NEED TO DECIDE ON A RELIGION AT THE AGE OF 16, and this is what I hammered you for. In the second post you said that’s not what you meant, yet here you are saying it again. Just because you don’t think there is a need to sit down and decide on a religion at 16 DOESN’T mean there actually isn’t a need to sit down and decide on a religion at 16. There are people who may feel that they do need to decide on a religion at 16 because they want to, because they are forced to, because they are brainwashed into it, because…because…the reason don’t matter, the point is that there may be a need to decide on a religion at 16.

You said:

You don’t need to read my mind, read your damn posts again. Maybe you define the words from your first post and your second posts in the same way, but they have different meanings. Use a dictionary.

If you get annoyed at being helpful, then don’t help.

YOu said:

According to your own statements, YOU ARE ARROGANT. So why shouldn’t I believe that everything that comes out of your mouth is arrogant. This is the kind of naive logic I am talking about. You contradict yourself left right and center. Furthermore, the reason I ASKED (I didn’t assume) whether you were trying to say that you have the answers now is that you statement was…

…this may imply (hence why I asked) that believing you need all the answers at a later point isn’t a pitfall.

You said:

YOU NEVER SAID THAT IT WAS A LONG PROCESS. You’re pulling shit out of your ass here. YOU NEVER SAID THAT TRYING TO FIGURE OUT EVERYTHING AT ONCE IS A PROBLEM. You are reading way too much into your own words. We aren’t mind readers, we only have the words you provide.

What’s your take?

what the fuck kind of hash smokin’ slippery slope have you propped under your argument to make it work? C’mon dude you sound like Tex Marrs - “SATAN’S COMING FER YER CHIRREN IF YOU LET’EM READ HARRY POTTER!!!”
Most of the occultists I’ve come across are little more than pussy-lovin mall rats who run around and holler out about Satanism and bad magick. It’s so dumb there’s no reason for the fearful moral outrage.

As you are living in Texas, you should worship as the Commanches did. Once you do that, all will become clear to you.

Well, my religion should be obvious by now.
the information is there for anyone that wants it.

I do have a problem with this nonsense about ‘occult=drugs/addiction/etc’
Pure BS.
I have recognised myself as a Satanist for 11 years this yer. What have I done in that time? Gotten addicted to drugs? Do I live on the street? Am i an unstable flake?
As a matter of fact, in that time I have attained a brown belt in brazilian jui-jitsu, read the collective works of neitzche, produced 3 albums with my band, ‘Entropea’, and attained a doctorate in computer science. I live in a nice house, drive a nice car, am the head of the IT department where I work, and enjoy non-problematic relationships with both myself, my co-workers, and loved ones. Every other Satanist I have met enjoys similar success.
This is not an attempt to pat myself on the back, but to present an example of the foolishness of this kind of thinking.
The amount of people that prescribe to a certain belief (or unbelief, as it were) system do not define that system.
You, monooq, are an ignorant idiot.

Jessica -
The one thing that I know is that I exist, everything else is open to doubt, so whatever I do I prioritise myself.
In my view the meaning of life is to live. If you make it anything else then you are immediately limiting it. I’d expand on this by trying to live the best that I could, which for me means working on my own healing, and acting on my best understanding of life.
When feeling lost I think it is often best just to stick to basics, just do what is necessary to stay alive, breathe, drink, eat, find warmth and shelter. If you are doing that then in my experience you’ll find a space in which things will come forth from within yourself which will guide you in whatever direction you need to go.
There are lots of really inspirational people, and books, and websites out there, and many of them may have something to offer you. I’d suggest you just let yourself browse, and not get sucked into something which says it has the answers to everything, since I’ve never come across anything which does.

really? there is no fearful moral outrage!? i condemn it like i condemn someone who believes their pet cat is god. a stiff slap in the face would do fine, kick in the ass, eye gouge, you get the idea.

thats right. I do. these are trying times we live in.

you see, the occult, like poverty, we are better off without. a sappy version of the occult might be fine for boardgames and teenage girl sleepovers.

i feel about the occult like a feel about hadj’s islam… its all bullshit ridiculousness. well, i think i’ve sufficiently proven all my points. goodday.