What kind of government is ILP?

What kind of government is ILP?

  • Democracy.
  • Republic.
  • Dictatorship.
  • Fundamentalist.
  • Despotism.
  • Monarchy.
  • Anarchy.
  • Communism.
  • Constitutional Monarchy.
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Obviously not a democracy. Not a republic, either. Despotism? Dictatorship? Monarchy? Not monarchy.

I like to think of ILP as an aristocracy :slight_smile:

Two replies, one result. That should keep controversy percolating another couple months, eh ben?

Enlightened Oligarchy. Which isn’t on your list.


There is a strong level of civility and mutual aid…but at it’s core…there is an anarchic, tempramental, spontaneous nature to ILP Organisation that we would be silly to overlook.

If I must elaborate, as all bore’s must, this is not a violent or aggressive anarchy, but an anarchic congregation of people-posts-pinonation-speculation-structured (and not so structured) debate.

Of course, many will attack me now claiming that - the fomat of the website clearly demonstrates a highly organised system of governance, but I am talking not about the aritifically structure of the site, but rather the Action taking place within the Society.

It is at best - Anarchic.


I say dictatorship because a certain person (cough cough) is in a complete and total place of power. This person hires sub-ordinates who run smaller tasks. But this person, if he wanted to, could kill everyone here and start it all over again.

However, hackers could come in and start a cous, pushing this dictator (cough cough) out of power, and bringing forward a new regime of free and open democracy.

Who knows what will happen.