what kind of life should i live?

Should I live a simple quiet life? Be content and sensible, be safe. Stay sweet and innocent.

Or should I go follow my dreams and live out loud though not so safely.


Yep, you can live your life in both those ways - the best of both worlds then, no?

Why pigeon-hole yourself as one type or the other, anyway? you can be yourself in any situation: at a crazy party, or in everyday life…

you should be a slave to the whims of society… don’t think for yourself… it took a huge degree of unmitigated gaul to even pose this absurd question in the first place.

everyone knows that the GOVERNMENT knows how you should live your life better than you do…

shut up, get on the dole, and do EXACTLY what the government tells you to do

big brother LOVES you and you must return the sentiment


Hey Imp - do you see dead liberals?

(Just wondering.)

become a virtual character more interesting than yourself. Let the character worry about it.

Kind of depends on what your dreams are I suppose. I recommend not hurting anyone if you can help it.

Go where the moment leads you.

no way man, it’s utopia… everyone’s a happy slave to the liberal overlords…


Oh dude, I know exactly how you should live - while having both worlds.

  1. Think of a personal issue
  2. Over sentimentalize it
  3. Have a taste of crime fighting
  4. Relate your personal issue to crime fighting
  5. Buy/make a costume. It shouldn’t look ridiculous in real life
  6. Go crime fighting
  7. Fail for a few times
  8. Meet someone you like, but dammit, you just can’t tell her/him who you are
  9. Meet her in your non-crime fighting life
  10. Insure this person because you just know he/she is gonna get kidnapped by your arch rival
  11. This joke has dragged on too long

  1. Stop watching “Smallville”. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: